90 days fiancé on TLC: Ash Naeck Confirms Breaking up with Avery Warner

Who is not familiar with the 90 days fiancé show on TLC?  It is a very popular show in which you can see the couples who are trying their best to stay for 90 days as the engaged people and want to marry after 90 days.  There are some spinner shows happening these days and in the latest episode which can be seen in the show named Before the 90 days, Ash has confirmed that he is breaking up with Avery.

The show is very unique in the way in which the woman comes from the non-American country on the K1 visa to America to marry the man who is the citizen of America.  If she wants to become a citizen then she has to marry the man and apply for the visa.  Some of the couples stay for eternity and some of them don’t.  After 90 days if you are not able to stay with your better half then you can go to your home country by canceling the engagement.  This is the contract they have signed against the money they have got.

In the last week, it shows this couple has been seen fighting very horrible.  It was not understanding why they were fighting but we saw something which was not apparent before. According to the news that happened after the seminar by Ash. The seminar was to help the women find Mr. Right. Ash made some snags in that seminar and because of that Avery thought that he made some sexist comments and don’t want to talk to him.

He also got the backlash from the Fans and that is why he said that he is taking the break from social media. After taking the break from social media he told everyone that they are not together anymore.  This was the big news for the fans but still, they were very angry with him because of the comment he made in the seminar.

When Ash came to the social media one of the Fans asked him that are you still together with every and he told that no. He said that he made the mess of the relationship because of the things she said in the seminar. He said that he was trying to explain the gender roles but it became political.  He said that whatever he said is not in line with himself he is very embarrassed about the things she said. He said that he is familiar that why the fans hate him for the comments in the seminar.

After the Seminar episode, there was a big backlash from the fans and it was necessary.  He said in the reply of that backlash that, the events in the show from the last 8 weeks have hit me today, He said he was not prepared for the intensity he will get from the show and the good and the bad of the show.

Even though the fans hate him but Avery came to support him and said that I feel bad for him.  She said there are a lot of haters and there is much Strength you need to take all of in.  She said He needed time to be positive while the show was airing.

But the breakup was not only limited to the things he said in the seminar but also in one of the confessions he compared her to the dog. Even though according to the rules of the show you can’t disclose the relationship of food but He didn’t think about the repercussions.  When one of the fans asked he told without any hiccups.

Because of the seminar episode and the fight between the couple, the fans know something was happening but they were not showing that is one of the fans asked and disclosed the truth from the mind and mouth of Ash.

TLC is the great channel and 90-day fiancé is one of the best reality shows on that channel and even though fans love that the couple who comes on the show are together for eternity but always it is not possible.  Not only this couple but many other couples have fought and didn’t become the married couple after 90 days.

The show is amazing and it comes on the TLC channel and also on a daily soap dish which the fans can love to see.

You will be amazed to find that dash is not a very ordinary person but, he is the famous personality from Australia and He is the reality star.  He is very macho and also very beautiful from the appearance.  He has a good physique and the body which can attract every woman.

This couple has got the attention of many of the people on TLC and because of their chemistry people were loving them together.

Avery has a great personality and she is a great part of the show which can attract many of the fans because she is full of life and always try to be happy.  Even though they were not very happy as the couple but individually they were very happy and because of that, fans were wanting them to stay for eternity but sadly because of some comments from Ash it was not possible.

Some of the fans were not certain who dumped who. We have to see future episodes to understand that.  We have to see in the coming episodes if there is more news that has been hidden to us and maybe the truth will be revealed from every because she has been silent on this incident.  Only one time she has spoken when he made some comments in the seminar and she didn’t like that and she was not talking to him but after that only the actions were taken from him, not her.  Maybe in the future, she will make some Revelations which we are not listening to right now.

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