40 Day Wealth Expands with Michael D. Aquas named as National Sales Director.

The name “40 Day Wealth” represents the paradigm change in wealth planning. Rather than thinking primarily on return on investment, 40 Day Wealth, a financial marketing company, is educating its clientele on thinking how much their client’s assets are at risk from financial predators and also, how much they must pay in taxes. Through marketing and education, along with a unique perspective of underutilized sections of the tax code. 40 Day Wealth has one simple goal to be the number one resource for reducing the client’s working days by 40 days per year. This equates to one less year of work for every nine years working.

40 Day Wealth, LLC is the brainchild of E.W. Turk, Esquire, and Cheryl McCarthy a CEO, with years of experience in finance. Turk and McCarthy saw a huge void in the marketplace servicing financial agents. They knew collaboration with CPAs and tax professionals was key to the success. Allowing agents to reach their full revenue potential and providing additional marketing support. Support that build revenues with strategies that preserve a client’s wealth. 40 Day Wealth provides these resources for insurance agents and financial professionals by becoming a partner in their success.

40 Day Wealth, assists agents and CPA partners with underlying strategies dealing with wealth. On average, clients earn $200,000 to $1,200,000+ a year. They have created their own medical practice, their own business, receive athletic endorsements, or have some sort of celebrity status. They are at a stage where they are seeing the fruit of their own labor. They are not immune from lawsuits and are ticked off about the amount of taxes they must pay. They value family and want their hard-earned savings to be used to add value to their lives, and for charitable causes. E.W. Turk, Esq. points out that “What 98% of Medical Doctors do not know about taxes is costing them 40 days of work every year.”

Today, 40 Day Wealth announced that Michael D. Aguas will be assisting the mission. He will be the brains behind advanced sales and marketing, as the National Sales Director. He currently serves as the Managing Director with National Life. In the past 25 years, he has built numerous relationships with CPAs and tax professionals in strategic alliances with a “win-win” formula that focuses on improving the quality of services offered though collaboration.

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