The Curious ‘Case’ of Wireless Charging for Airpods

With the onset of the new age of technology, everything has become personalised to a person’s tastes. You no longer have to listen to the music set by the jockey and just hope and weight for your song to come up. Your entire music library, your own taste, and your unique playlists are stored in the cloud. You can access them anywhere with just a few touches.

The Cultural Phenomenon

All you would require to enjoy the experience is a smart device and a pair of earphones. Apple and its design have always lured people towards them despite the astronomical prices. The whole gimmick of removing the jack was to make the AirPods a household product and it worked. Apple users now have to use the AirPods to get their privacy, and if they choose to go for the wired earphones, they would have to do it while the device is not charging. Almost everyone who owns an Apple product has bought air pods and this has made the company millions.

Airpods have become a cultural phenomenon as well where owning a pair rides you into a certain section of pop as well street culture. This phenomenon has become extremely prevalent in the west where various songs, movies, etc. show how owning a pair of AirPods brings in bragging rights for the owner. Not only the AirPods themselves but even the wireless chargers for AirPods costs way more than what anyone should be paying for charging some earphones. But at some point, one has to ask, is it worth it? One might go online and check the fake AirPods reviews to know that’s not the case at all.

The cost of charging

The Qi-compatible charging mat that comes with the wireless chargers for AirPods gives the simple yet beautiful model of just placing your AirPods for charging. Once placed, the LED indicator will inform you of the state of charging of the AirPods and due to the fast track charging, your AirPods would be good to go in a couple of hours. There is also the case of what to do when you are away from the case. Not to worry as Apple offers the Lightning port to charge your AirPods in the old school way as well.

What’s more? The wireless charging case will work with all the generations of AirPods; therefore, you would not have to worry about upgrading your charging device with your AirPods.

The Better Alternative

The most basic of the AirPods costs around a fortune if you. Pretty steep price considering it’s just a pair of wireless earphones in the end. You might wonder if you have to cough up those extra dollars that would burn holes in your pocket. But there is one smart alternative that is out there, that being fake AirPods. These are some of the products which while being dirt cheap, also show excellent fake AirPods reviews. Most people would turn their noses the moment they hear the word “fake”, but these AirPods are third-party hardware. They do not stand on shaky legal ground as the companies that make them are 100% legit.

Since they do not use the trademark logo or build number, they are not ripping off the parent company but using their technology to make a product. So, people do not need to fear that by using one of them they would be stealing work hours or committing a crime. You can also get them in a variety of designs and cases, even get customized ones, which if you try to get from Apple would require a wad of cash you would not want to spend.

The Most Important Difference

Again, as it cannot be stressed enough, due to the low cost and number of products available you would never run out of a selection. Many people have already tested these products and, rest assured, you can read the many reviews that are available online. If you are not satisfied with a product or wish it would have a different design, there would always be another company out there that will cater to your needs.

The greatest selling point of these products is that they cost a fraction of what you might be shelling out for the original products. Factor in the cost of the charging device along with the actual product and you can see why many people go for the third-party handle. The fake AirPods’ price, including the charging device and case, is earth-shatteringly low compared to what the overheads at the Big Apple offers.

What Really Matters?

Sure, owning a branded product gives you a certain cool wave among your peers and it might even make you feel good about yourself. But at the end of the day, earphones, whether wired or wireless, are meant to do other functions. They help you listen to music in peace, watch videos, receive calls, etc. and their actual function is what you would desire the most. You can decide if the right thing to do is paying heaps of cash to a company that produces most of its job opportunities overseas where it benefits from the lack of labor laws.

The alternative is of course buying one of the much cheaper fake AirPods with similar wireless chargers for AirPods. If you let go of the craze about the brand name and just want a product that does a pair of wireless earphones have meant to do, that’s your choice. From its makers usually being local businesses who need your support to creatively designed products, it’s the whole package.

The best part of the deal is the fake AirPods price that is what matters.

You can spend your hard-earned money on the fake works or always feel a bit guilty of exceeding your capacity on spending money you don’t need. In the end, the clear winner among the two contestants always turns out to be the latter one, and with good reasons as well. If you are comfortable with wanting a product that suits your needs and is within your budget, it should not matter how it may or may not affect your social status.

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