How to choose best hair cutting scissors

If you do not know what scissors to buy to cut your hair, nothing happens, we are going to help you with it. Here we will tell you a few important features that you must consider before buying the best hair cutting scissors.

Types of barber scissors

The best scissors that can be found are those that are slightly longer in size, with a micro-serrated blade. These are designed to facilitate hair cutting and thus avoid accidents by making the hair not slip. On the other hand, we can also find barber scissors that have a smooth blade, being a good option to make net cuts.

Some scissors specialize in cutting for men, and also scissors that have a razor edge; The last option is usually used when the hair to be treated very fine. In addition to all the previous types, there are also sculpting scissors, probably one of the most used. These are the following types of barber scissors.

  • Cutting: The scissors of a lifetime that you can find in hairdressing salons and that many people already have at home. When choosing this model, you must take into account the inches and also the shape since this will allow you to make the best choice and acquire the one that is most comfortable for you.
  • Thinning: This type of scissors has a serrated upper blade that allows less hair to be cut to discharge areas with a lot of volumes or to give texture to the hair.
  • Toothed: It is the most ergonomic model that allows you to cut your hair more comfortably, thus obtaining greater precision. Generally, this type of scissors is usually used to parade or give texture to the hair.

Blade edge

The important step will be to take a look at the edge of the blade. A key point to keep in mind is that scissors should always be sharp and pointed. We are usually afraid of scissors like that, especially if we have children at home. However, you should know that scissors are safer, the less sharp they are.

When choosing the type of blade, for a standard cut, with displacement, the best option is a convex one. However, if we are going to make layered or conical cuts, then we should choose a beveled blade.


Choose an ergonomic handle that fits your hands and not the other way around. Although the handle may not seem important at first, if we are going to use the scissors continuously, as in a hairdressing salon, we may have certain important injuries for having adopted a bad posture.


It is better to choose scissors whose edge has been made of 440 Inox steel (Japanese steel) or titanium since they allow it to slide better, something that greatly facilitates the task of cutting. Also, you also have to know what type of blade you want for your scissors, either concave or convex.


When you have already chosen the model and brand of the scissors. The next step will be to check what is the edge of the blade.Generally, hairdressers and stylists choose those edges that are made of stainless steel or titanium.

These types of edge allow for better gliding, better cuts, and are more hygienic. The key point will be that the scissors must stay sharp AND be pointed. This provides better ease of handling, making perfect and well-defined cuts.

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