Best Mouse Traps You Can Make at Home

Often times than not we have experienced setting up mouse traps in our house only to find out that they don’t even work, the mice just go on ahead to steal the bait you put in them and walk away.


There is a myriad of selections of kinds of mouse traps in the market today, all promising to solve all your mouse problems, but the question is, do they? Because no matter how much study and testing they do, they can’t solve absolutely every single one of the mouse problems in the world, sometimes, you’re still so much better off making your own DIY version of a mousetrap, not only would it suit your exact needs, you will potentially save a lot of money too.


To help you figure out a solution to your mouse problems, we have compiled the best mouse traps you can make at home.


1.) Spin The Bottle Mouse Trap

This is designed to be able to catch multiple mice in one trap. The way these trap works is that there would be a ramp put in front of a pail and at the end of the ramp, there would be some kind of bait. The act of the mice going for the bait would make the spin bottle mechanism inside rotate causing it to fall into the water where it would eventually drown.


2.) Flip Plate Mouse Trap

The Flip Plate Mouse Trap is similar to the first one we mentioned. But instead of a spinning bottle, you would use styrofoam or a paper plate instead. At the edge of the plate you would set up a bait which the mice eventually would reach for and then the plate would flip and the mice ended up drowning in the water in the pail.


3.) Bottle Mouse Trap

All you need to set up this trap is a 20-ounce square water bottle, and it should be a square so it doesn’t just roll around when it’s deployed. The principle of how these trap works are similar to that of the off-the-shelf humane mouse traps. Once you have the bottle, you would have to make an incision at the bottom of it about three-fourths of the way through the bottle, the remaining bit that wasn’t cut out would act as a hinge you would need to suspend using a rubber band that has bait on its other end, so when the mouse finally took the bait, it would trigger the trap and the bottom of the bottle would close.


4.) Bottle Neck’n Mouse Trap

This trap also involves a plastic bottle, but this time, it has to be a lot bigger, a 2-liter bottle would do. What you have to do is cut the bottle just above where the label is, then place the top you just cut upside-down inside the bottom half of the bottle. Fasten the connecting pieces with duct tape. Place the trap upright on an edge of a shelf for example and break up your bait and make a trail that leads to your trap, after this, all you have to do is wait.


5.) Wiped Clean Mouse Trap

This particular trap can be set up on edges of countertops or just about anywhere that involves height. Basically, the way these trap works is you take an empty toilet paper roll and you would have to make a crease on the other side of the roll in order to make it fit the edge of the shelf or the countertop you are trying to install it on. Once you have it set up, you just have to put a little bit of bait on the other end of the tissue roll to attract mice. Below your trap, just put a bucket and the waiting game begins, when the mouse finally tries to get the bait it would fall into the bucket. This bait is very cheap, simple, and effective.


6.) Shoebox Mouse Trap

Another simple and cheap mousetrap that involves only materials that you already have lying around the house. Just get a shoebox and cut a hole on top of it, then get two pieces of paper and tape it to the shoebox that would resemble a trap door. Just make sure to apply a little bit of bait to ensure that you would attract the mice.


7.) Manhattan Glass Mouse Trap

This is probably the simplest DIY mouse trap on this list. It is just a glass that is held upside down by a nickel, and all you have to do is put a little bit of bait inside the glass. Do not use any other coin as we have found out that the nickel is the exact size of the coin you will need for this to work properly.

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