5 Eco-Friendly Companies That Are Changing the World and What You Can Learn from Them

Up until a few decades ago, it seemed water, gas, oil and other natural resources were endless. Recently, however, people are starting to see how wrong those beliefs were. Climate change is a serious issue that should concern every one of us. News about global warming and the dangers of carbon emissions are making the front page of every important publication in the world. 

This is why individuals and companies alike need to make efforts to reduce the amount of waste we bring into the world. Just as consumers need to do their part and reduce waste, recycle and use resources carefully, companies need to step up and change their way of doing business as well. 

Eco-friendly companies are gaining more and more popularity as a response to their ongoing try to draw attention towards climate change. If you want an example, just look at Elon Musk and the success he encountered with companies such as Tesla and SolarCity, which are both environmentally-friendly businesses.

Just like Musk’s companies, other eco-friendly brands are making efforts to raise awareness, and they are gaining more and more popularity for it. We will be discussing 5 of them below, along with what you can do to follow in their footsteps. 


Sure, the largest tech company in the world may not be the first one to cross your mind when talking about eco-friendly businesses, but just because Apple does not market itself as a green business, that does not mean their efforts should be left unnoticed. The company is actively working towards becoming as environmentally friendly as possible. 

For the past few years, Apple has made some serious contributions to sustainability. 5 years ago, the company signed an $850 million agreement with First Solar, the largest solar farms developers in the United States. Using technology developed by First Solar, Apple managed to power all of its offices, data centers, stores and headquarters in California with solar energy. On top of this, 99% of the paper in Apple’s packaging is recycled or sustainable. The company also introduced the Apple Renew program, which encourages customers to recycle their used Apple devices. 

What we can learn from Apple is that you don’t need to go green for the entire world to see. Do what you can do best to help with climate change and don’t think about what other people have to say. 

Lush Cosmetics

Lush Cosmetic may not be a common name for those who are not familiar with the beauty industry, but you may want to look them up. The company sells all-natural beauty products, including bath bombs, body creams and fragrances and has become one of the most popular brands amongst beauty bloggers all over the world.

But Lush’s contribution to raising awareness does not resume to just the ingredients they use in their products. The company has done a number of things to help reduce waste, including creating solid shampoo bars, to cut down on packaging waste. What’s more, Lush offers free products to customers that bring empty product packaging to be recycled. 

By doing all this, Lush managed to become a true role model for the entire beauty industry to follow. This proves that you don’t need to be a green company to implement green practices. Lush’s recycling program can be implemented by almost any type of business, including grocery stores and even small boutiques. 

Seventh Generation

Traditional cleaning products are one of the world’s biggest water pollutants. Seventh Generation is a company that produces eco-friendly cleaning products that don’t contain chemicals and harmful toxins. This not only helps reduce pollution but is also extremely beneficial for our health, as we already know cleaning products can be very harmful.

Seventh Generation also managed to reach number one on Forbes’ list for companies considered “best for the environment” just a few years ago. 

The company manages to stay true to their beliefs through packaging and the way they market themselves, which makes their policies seem even more natural and honest. However, the company managed to win over customers that were not initially in their target audience, precisely because of the number of other benefits their products bring, focusing on health more than sustainability. 


Patagonia is one of the most popular activewear retailers in the world and known by all outdoor enthusiasts. They sell a multitude of products ranging from clothes to sleeping bags and camping gear, to satisfy the needs of all adventurers out there. Given the fact that people who enjoy going out in nature are usually pretty conscious about the environment, it is only natural that Patagonia’s business philosophy is “100% for the planet”. 

What sets Patagonia apart is the fact that you can see their commitment and dedication through all of their products and business practices. In 2016, the company donated $10 million of its Black Friday sales to environmental groups dedicated to preserving the planet’s health.

If your company is not 100% green yet, there is no need to make monumental efforts and change everything just now. Start by implementing some small changes, such as using waste compactors to make rubbish easier to manage and recycle, or changing the light bulbs with LED ones. You can find some great options if you visit this link. These may seem like minor efforts, but if every company were to commit to these small changes, the world would already be a better place by now.


TOMS’ story began back in 2006 when Blake Mycoskie, the company’s founder, traveled to Argentina and saw how many children were going barefoot because they could not afford to buy shoes. This inspired him to start a company that will donate one pair of shoes to children in need, for every pair of shoes they sold. 

Up until now, TOMS has donated over 60 million pairs of shoes to children all over the world and is also involved in several projects to provide clean drinking water and healthcare services to communities all over the world. What’s more, all their products and packaging are made with sustainable materials. 

This goes on to show that helping the planet means much more than just switching to green practices. You can show your support and become an active part of the process in many different ways, just as Mycoskie goes on to show. All you need is commitment and determination.

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