Things to consider while buying a washing machine

Don’t you feel sad for those old moms, who always washed clothes with their hands! A massive pile of dirty clothing washed manually. But as time passed by, technological advancements brought forward excellent facilities. And washing machine should be included among these conveniences. It has become an indispensable part of our lives. There are even places where you can take your dirty clothes, pay the rent, and have your clothes washed in a washing machine. But I guess most people would prefer buying one, compared to visiting a rental every day.

Not every washing machine (waschmaschine) can fit your requirements because there is a wide variety of features and functions to choose from, that a newbie might feel their heads buzzing. Not always people get what they need while buying one, because either get misled by their relatives or tricked by a salesman. This article should help you choose a washing machine that perfectly fits your requirements and to relieve your stress further! And so that you won’t feel lost while buying.

1.    Functionalities

You can find fully automatic and semi-automatic washing machines, each of it providing its advantages and pricing. If you are an older adult and feel like doing this labor tires you, then buying an automatic machine can be an option, but it would cost more. But if you think that doing some of it might not be a problem as you are full of youth and energy! Sticking to a semi-automatic and less pricy washing machine is the best option. Modern automatic machines even provide you with the opportunity to time our washing periods, like when to start and when stop. They have a smart lock functionality that lets you lock the button to keep it tampered by the kids.

2.    Capacity

This factor depends upon the size of your family. It also counts if you have to washcloths more frequently. Consider these factors while buying a washing machine with more or less capacity.

3.    Loading type

These include Top load and front load. Top-load is more economical and has fewer options integrated into it. They are included among semi-automatic machines. Front-load are pricier, but they provide a whole set of advanced options for washing and are regarded as fully automatic washing machines. They again depend upon your needs of wanting to do a bit of manual labour or want an affordable alternative.

4.    Features

This section might have considered the same as the functionalities section, but it’s not. It contains the things that you must look for while buying a machine. Starting from the top, being the most important to the bottom being the least important. I won’t call them least significant, but having a lot of features might increase its price. So here they are:

  • Spin cycle/rotations per minute (The more, the better)
  • Drum material (should be sturdy and stainless)
  • Fuzzy logic (detects a load of laundry and related info like estimated time and washing powder automatically)
  • Temperature control
  • Time delay

All in all, having a good washing machine will definitely saves you a lot of time and effort. Even if the washing machine breaks down, you can always repair them easily at an affordable rate especially if it is still under warranty. For instance, some of the common Electrolux washing machine repair issues is where it doesn’t spin or drain effectively, and these issues can be fixed by engaging a trusted technician.

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