Pool Fencing Options on The Gold Coast

When it comes to making decisions on a new pool fence the primary options for the modern-day home include frameless glass, semi-frameless glass and aluminium. The preferred options vary depending on location of the home, location of the pool, required use and overall aesthetics of the home or building. An example would be the majority of waterfront homes on the Gold Coast seeking frameless glass pool fencing and glass balustrading on semi-frameless fencing as an option to not obstruct their beautiful waterfront views. The aluminium pool fencing is typically used in suburban backyards and large properties on acreage.

Finding a Pool Fencing Supplier
There are plenty of pool fencing installers on the Gold Coast. Many of whom are sole trader’s providing quotes on service seeking and one flare. The issue many clients have with the sole traders is trust. As most of these pool fence installers aren’t suppliers, they only order enough product to cater to the job they are doing at a given time. Should anything go wrong or the job require more than they anticipated they do not finish the job. Also, many of these pool fence installers are uninsured and do not provide guaranteed insurance on the pool fence.

When obtaining quotes for a new pool fence it’s always safe to use a verified pool fencing installation company on the Gold Coast. Mermaid Fencing have been supplying and installing pool fencing solutions and compliance certifications on the Gold Coast for over 30 years. In those 30 years Mermaid Fencing have partnered with the most reliable source when it comes to equipment and pool fencing goods. Quality is never sacrificed with Mermaid Fencing and insurance is always guaranteed. It is Mermaid Fencing’s true passion and the building industry belief is any pool fence done right will last years without needing adjustments. Home renovations and new homes are a specialty for Mermaid Fencing as local builders often seek Mermaid Fencing for all their Gold Coast pool fencing requirements because they know the job will be done right.

Some benefits of each style of pool fencing and why it’s unique.

Aluminium Pool Fencing

  • Built to last
  • Secure
  • Strong
  • Rust resistant
  • No painting required
  • Can be custom built
  • Variety of designs, styles and colours

Frameless Glass

  • Modern & stylish
  • Secure
  • Strong
  • Large, clear, free standing glass panels
  • Maximum view as no frame obstruction

Semi Frameless Glass

  • Modern & stylish
  • Variety of frame colours
  • Secure
  • Strong
  • Large, clear, glass panels set in a semi frame

Glass Balustrades

  • Secure
  • Strong
  • Good views through clear glass panes suspended in a surrounding frame
  • Variety of frame colours

Mermaid Fencing not only install pool fencing but they supply all elements to a quality pool fence which is why adjustments and servicing are never an issue for us.Mermaid Fencing can implement all unique fencing solutions for a wide variety of pools as no pool is ever the same. In fact, Mermaid fencing often attend Gold Coast jobs which are incomplete due to the fact many competitors are inexperienced and unsure of how to get the job done.

What is the Cheapest Pool Fencing Option?

The cheapest pool fencing option on the Gold Coast is aluminium fencing. Typically, aluminium fencing does a fantastic job as it is easy to maintain, strong, durable and simple to replace should any damage arise. Glass fencing can cost be more costly but comes with non-obtrusive views and an elegant appeal. At the moment Mermaid Fencing are providing a special on glass fencing, in fact, it is the cheapest glass pool fencing ever.

How do I get a pool fencing quote?

It’s simple, visit your friendly Gold Coast Pool fencing company either via their website or office and request a quote. This is possible by calling, emailing or using the contact form on the website. Mermaid Fencing also provide users the option of an online chat feature where customers can list their pool fence requirements, location and get a quote back via email within 24hrs. Just remember, when looking for pool fencing quotes on the Gold Coast always seek an insured company who supply and install and your service will be much better in the end.

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