Get Ready To Play Neopet On Your Mobile Devices

Launched in 1999, Neopets, is a virtual world of pets. You play games, solve puzzles, find treats, and indulge in various fun and adventurous activities. The coolest part is the game allows you to earn currency called Neopoints and shop for your pet’s clothes, build home for them, and furnish it. It also has a premium currency called Neocash which you can buy with real money.

Shopping with Neocash

In 2007, Neopets introduced a Neocash mall. This mall allows the user to purchase wearable and non-wearable items and participate in various events. It is not like the regular Neopian shop. To shop at the NC mall, you need Neocash. You will have to buy this currency from real-life money. The mall is available in several countries and it can be accessed in multiple languages including Spanish, German, Dutch, French, and Portuguese but if you want to see the latest items you’ll have to play in English since all the other languages were dropped when Viacom sold Neopets to Jumpstart.

By now, it must be clear that Neocash is a virtual Neopian currency that you have to buy through US dollars or your country’s currency. Shopping at the NC mall is for everyone. You don’t need to be a Neopets player for that.

Before 2014, NC supported Monkey Quest, Petpet Park, and Habitarium. If you still have NC purchased from any of these sites, you can spend it on Neopets. Those who are die-hard fans of the game must buy Neocash cards. It lets you shop for premium items in the NC mall such as decorative items for the pets and home, and offer access to exclusive games.

Neopet for Players of All Ages

Neopet is a perfectly kid-friendly game. It takes the player on fairies quests in mystical kingdoms exploring fantasy lands. Besides, all kids like pets and taking care of them virtually would bring them nothing short of joy.

Since there is no set objective but to feed and care for the pets, kids love this even more. It’s important to feed the pets and make sure they don’t get ill otherwise, this could limit your gameplay. The pets come in a variety of colors and species. You can also create your own Neopet.

Children enjoy customizing their Neopets by wearing different clothing items, accessories, and making them drink transformation potion. Players can even build a customized Neohome for their pets.

There is even a community for players to chat and interact with other users. You can create your profile by choosing an avatar provided by the game. These avatars are to be unlocked by completing tasks in the game, which makes the gameplay exciting for even adults

Mobile-Friendly Version on Its Way!

Some of you must be wondering is Neopet still active? The answer is yes. Some even say a mobile game of Neopets is in works and so is a TV series but nothing is confirmed yet. This browser game is still cherished by people around the world. The developers of Neopet beta-testing a mobile-friendly vision of the site. If all goes well, very soon, we will be playing Neopet on our smartphones!

The exciting world of Neopet has the power to glue anyone to the screen.

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