NYC’s experimental electro maven, Mindchatter has released the entrancing video clip for his daring new single, Scared To Go Home.  Thought provoking, vulnerable and oozing effortless cool, Scared To Go Home bends genres and will lure listeners in with an intoxicating, chilled magnetism – an exciting release for fans of Jamie XX, LCD Soundsystem and Bonobo.

And to celebrate this rad release, Mindchatter has kindly put together his TOP 10 MOST PLAYED SONGS ON SPOTIFY THIS YEAR for us to lap up and enjoy, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Maverick Sabre – Drifting

The drum groove right off the bat gets me every time. I like slow songs that have energy – something I gravitate towards in my own production. Usually when I write, I try to make an instrumental motif that’s good enough to repeat for days without adding any chords or anything, and then I lay on the top line. This song seems to follow the same process. Plus Maverick’s accent makes me feel cool whenever I listen to him.

James Blake – You’re Too Precious

The latest single ‘You’re Too Precious’ may be my favorite James Blake song to date. Vocal chops have become a trendy staple of electronic music and 99% of the time I can’t stand them but in this track they’re dripping with emotion.  The song has a very somber feel yet enough of a groove to make you bob your head the whole time. I’m a big fan of James Blake in general and hope he stays this adventurous with his new stuff.

Dusty Kid – Psika

A friend sent me this old gem a couple months ago. Talk about simplicity and repetition, this techno track is 7 minutes of a rolling bassline that never gets old. I was very intrigued when I was saw that it was put out in 2007 because bass music tends to age poorly. Lyrics, rhythm, melody, harmony can all be timeless but sound design usually becomes obsolete and tacky after a few years. ‘Psika’, however, with its pitch-bending synth leads is one of those rare dance tracks that has stood the test of time for me.

Stimming & Marcus Worgull – Cwejman’s Tale

Another instrumental one, this is a bit more melodic and organic sounding. Anyone that’s a Stimming fan knows how innovative and unique his sound is. I can usually point out a Stimming song within the first 2 seconds mainly because of his drums. In ‘Cwejman’s Tale’ the drum pattern has a tight, skipping feel to it and the arrangement remains understated throughout – nothing over the top or attention grabbing. The balance between repetition and variation is the most important thing to get right in electronic dance music and I think Swimming & Marcus Worgull handle it nicely here.

LCD Soundystem – Oh baby

LCD Soundsytem has been a favorite of mine for as long as I remember so when the group got back together to put out American Dream in 2017 I was pumped. James Murphy’s deadpan, existential writing is a major influence on me, as well as the band’s ability to fuse electronic and acoustic elements. ‘Oh Baby’ has all the components of a quintessential LCD track and has made a comeback in my Spotify rotation this year.

The Smiths – This Night Has Opened My Eyes

What got me hooked on this song is the lyrics. Usually when hearing a song for the first time I barely notice the lyrics unless they’re strikingly cringeworthy or a line cuts through and makes you think. In this track, the first line of the chorus “ohhh save your life cause you only got one” really got under my skin. The song is about a girl who gets pregnant from an affair and has to deal with all of the societal pressure that ensues. I think the whole “Me vs Society” theme is somehow behind all art that I like and make, so maybe that’s why this one hit home for me. There’s no real resolution in the song, even the melody just drags on pretty much on the same note – kind of like life.

Dreamville – Sacrifices

Earthgang has some insane flows in this track. It’s all feeling from start to finish.

The Flying Stars of Brooklyn NY – My God Has A Telephone

This dude Aaron Frazer is the most underrated singer I can think of… he’s like a white Sam Cooke. Whenever I play either of the two released Flying Stars of Bk songs, people think it’s a 50 year old record. In my mind, the soul ballads of the 60s are the most masterful music to exist, so it’s no small feat to make a current song that stands up to Etta James, Otis Redding, Nina Simone, etc.

Bag Raiders & Tora – Back to Myself

This one has crunchy, live sounding drums and a pulsating bass but the vocals are what I love most. The singer from Tora adds an emotive, heavily reverbed top line with some unexpected vocal runs. It’s the type of track where the listener can’t easily understand all of the words but the texture, tone and feel of the vocals come through strong with certain phrases really standing out. Sometimes I think singers sacrifice feeling for intelligibility of lyrics whereas I prefer the opposite. Anyway Bag Raiders and Tora really got me with this one.

Nico – These Days

This ones a wild card but recently I rewatched a Wes Anderson movie that features this track and I’ve been listening heavily ever since. I’m always into strange, unique voices and Nico’s voice here really stands out, maybe because of her German accent. The lyrics are simple, concrete and self reflective – something you can really gaze out the window to. The guitar is melancholy but the picking rhythm makes it kind of cheery which is probably why I like this song so much – the juxtaposition between the happy and sad.

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