Ashton Henry Wants To Elevate People By Teaching Them How To Be Financially Literate

Ashton Henry is an entrepreneur who owns multiple businesses and focuses on providing financial services. Ever since he moved to the United States from the island of Grenada, he realized the power of credit and the importance of financial literacy.

Ashton was a national soccer player in Grenada, but came to the United States to attend college and play division 1 soccer. After he graduated, he became a husband and a father, and started to get busy building a way of life for his family.

“Once I fully understood the power of credit and the importance of financial literacy, I wanted to share this with everyone I met.” Ashton says. “I want to help people transform their lives.”

It was when Ashton realized that he couldn’t wait on someone else to see his own potential in order to move to the next level that he decided to start his own business. Then, he decided no one could outwork him and that his potential was limitless.

Today, Ashton is a true entrepreneur, owning and running multiple businesses, with his main focus being helping others through the services he offers. From tax preparation to financial education, he wants to empower others to take control of their lives starting with their finances.

“Once you have control of your finances, you can leverage what you have to get what you want.” Ashton states.

The biggest challenges when starting a business, in the case of Ashton, were figuring out the right marketing strategies, getting the capital to start, managing time and cash flow, and choosing what business to get into and what to sell in the market. Another big factor is hiring the right people so that you can have the support you need from people around you.

“Mindset is everything when starting your own business. Without the right mindset, you’ve already lost.” Ashton shares. 

“Business is no walk in the park, you have to develop the mindset to see problems as opportunities and then turn those opportunities into a product or service that provides the solution. Every business today was created to fill a need or void in the marketplace.”

Ashton has been around for a while. He is the CEO of Ashton Henry Financial, through which he provides his financial literacy services. Thanks to his work, as well as his establishment as a best selling author and public speaker he has been featured multiple times in Steve Harvey’s talk show as well as other media.

“My advice for those trying to start their own business and brand is to go for it. Don’t wait for your friends and family to support you. Just start.” Ashton advises. “Educate yourself, keep learning, and always keep your ‘why’ in mind.”

Ashton also recommends finding mentors you can learn from even if they are far away. For example, he mentions he has learned a lot through videos, books and seminars, as well as from hearing about others’ mistakes. Ultimately, knowledge will free you from obstacles such as fear.

“Fear comes from lack of knowledge in an area. The more you know about something, the more confident you will be. Take the time to learn your business and craft. Be the Michael Jordan in your industry.” Ashton says.

This mindset led Ashton to overcome his main obstacle: self-sabotage. It is easy to feel like you don’t deserve more, but it is not true. Ashton started to believe he did deserve more and he realized he was unique in the world, and started to use this to his advantage. This is what led him to success.

“Success is my family. Success is seeing my son’s eyes light up when I come home. Success is being able to make an honest living while elevating those who are open to their own version of success.” Ashton shares.

This is why Ashton’s next big project is to mentor a hundred people to become six-figure income earners. By helping more people become financially literate and support them as they pursue their dreams, Ashton will continue his journey to elevate others.

Follow Ashton’s journey and learn more about him here.

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