When will be a vaccine available for COVID-19

Today, Coronavirus pandemic is a big problem for everyone around the globe. Around the world, scientists work on the potential cures as well as vaccines for the modern coronavirus diseases famous as COVID-19. On the other hand, many of the companies work on antiviral drugs. Some of which medicines are great to use against other illness. Few drugs are given to the people to treat COVID-19 patients, but these are used against other diseases. Some organizations work on vaccines that can be utilized as preventive measures against the illness.

Most of the people in the world want to know the updates about the COVID-19 and its vaccine. To get updates and other information, you can browse on Thornycroftnews.com. With confirmed cases of COVID-19 across the globe surpassing 2.7 million and increasing day by day, scientists are making their efforts to make a vaccine or discover a treatment to slow down this epidemic. It will lessen the damages of the pandemic in the world.

An innovative approach to COVID-19 vaccine making utilizing RNA delivers benefits in scalability and speed; its tests are successful. Everyone, today, wants to know about an effective vaccine. When will it be introduced? As per the latest news, the vaccine of this pandemic will be introduced in twelve to eighteen months. But, due to any failure or unfavourable circumstances, the formation of vaccine can be hard and long. All the governments are investing a handsome amount to make the vaccine of the pandemic as well as they ensure a sufficient investment to safeguard their people against future pandemics.

Till then, what to do and how to treat people? This is the most common question that people have in their minds. Doctors and other medical teams are singing the drugs that are already approved for other conditions. Some of the early treatments are approved for other conditions. This is the reason; medical teams prefer to use anti-virus medicines. They think that existing anti-viral medicines may kill COVID-19.

Yes, the COVID-19 Vaccine is over a year away, but the researchers experiment with therapies and drugs to assist cut the strain on the healthcare system. Around the globe, currently, there are more than 70 vaccine candidates in development. There are more than twenty effective vaccines, therapies and promising drugs.

Although an effective and safe vaccine is still more than a year away, it is very much important to treat people. So, some of the existing medicines are used to treat people. The name of these medicines is Remdesivir, chloroquine, Actemra, JAckavi and many more. These are 19 medicines that are used to treat people. Researchers are checking whether any one of these anti-viral work against ASARS-CoV-2. These drugs are used to treat different other illness. Researchers are planned to see that a combination of two drugs works against HIV, will work against this virus or not.


There is no specific medicine or vaccine to treat COVID-19. For the cure and treatment, medical teams are using the existed anti-viral. As per news updates, the vaccine is a year away.

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