What is offer wall? And how does the offer wall work?

Offer Wall is a unit of in-app advertising and used by app developers to monetize their applications. It works like a mini-store in any app that is listing multiple “offers” from users. It can complete in exchange for getting an in-app prize. For example, operators/users would able to receive extra in-app coins; if they choose to play a mini-game, watch a video, get to level 5 on a game, complete a survey and more on the Offer Wall.

The mobile Offer Wall is entirely user-initiated; it means that users can choose whether or not they want to involve in the Offer Wall. Moreover, users/operators tap on a button that is always in the menu of your app and used to access the Offer Wall, or sometimes users may be prompted when they have fewer coins or points in the game loop to engage again and again with the Offer Wall easily.

The Offerwall network is considered as a great mobile monetization strategy for almost all of the micro-payment freemium app. additionally, for communication and texting apps, mobile games and some social apps like dating; they work particularly well. Researched data shows that 15% of the top hundred grossing apps are monetized with the Offer Wall, and he 25% of the top hundred grossing games also do.

The benefits of Offer Wall advertising

Boost ad revenue

No doubt, there are a lot of benefits of Offer Walls. But one of the most important is it boost your revenue to the next level. They deliver high rates for any developer of the app. Yes, it is possible they also want to make a good reputation in the market so more users come to their platform and they get good business. On average, the eCPM of Offer Wall for android platform is $30 to $80. These rates depend upon the presentation of top offers. This will help you to generate the possible amount from these ads.

Improve user experience

Nowadays, user experience is the most important thing. Every business is trying to give a good experience to users. Not only big, but the small business also trying to get good reviews and user experience. Here, the Offer Wall is not one step behind. It’s on users to choose whether they want to engage with the offer or not. Offer Walls do not interrupt with the use of app flow or the user experience. Also, they try to facilitate or promote user experience because they give users access to premium content without taking a single penny from them.

Increase retention

With the help of good user experience, Offer Walls tries to keep the user playing your game for a long time. As a result, it increases user sessions and reduces the bounce rate. For example, if the user is out of coins or wants to revive again, they can watch the ads or complete the offers to get the coins or start from where they lose. This keeps the players to play the game continuously, and you can get more engagement and earn.

Get more in-app purchases.

Offer Walls helps to boost in-app purchase. It is a clickbait method. You provide some of the premium features of the game or product to use so they can enjoy using it. And maybe if they enjoy a lot, it might be possible they will make a purchase.

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