How to Get Financing on Motorcycle Accessories

Safety is foremost whenever you ride on your bike.  Motorcycle gear is an important investment that should never be overlooked. Get the proper safety gear that smart riders wear, like the best motorcycle helmets, gloves, long pants, armored motorcycle jacket, boots or covered shoes whenever you ride your bike.

Besides taking care of your own safety as the rider, don’t forget to take care of your machine so that it stays safe for you whenever you ride on it.  While we can be reactive in the maintenance of our cars, we need to be proactive with our motorcycles.  As motorcycles are exposed to the elements, especially if you ride it on a daily basis, there’s no bodywork to protect the internal parts and electrics.  And if something goes seriously wrong on a motorcycle, you can be thrown off the bike onto the road or other moving vehicles.  These are some basic tips on how to maintain your motorcycle the proper way:

  1. Tire pressure

Check the pressure of your bike’s tires and ensure that you have a high quality air pressure gauge. Make it a habit to inspect the tires before each ride, looking out for cuts, abrasions or uneven wear.

  1. Oil and fluids

Like cars, motorcycles need regular oil change and proper fluid maintenance to keep them healthy. The recommended intervals for an oil change are every 3 months or every 3,000 miles, whichever comes first, just like an automobile.

  1. Chain

Keep the chain well lubricated as chain tension is very important on a motorcycle.  Before each ride, inspect the chain rollers and examine the sprocket for any hooked teeth.  You can use either spray wax chain lubricant or pour some gear oil on the chain.

  1. Battery

Your motorcycle’s battery should be checked at every oil change.

While owning and maintaining a motorcycle cost less than a car, some folks may not be able to afford the expenses for their motorcycle maintenance and motorcycle accessories. If you’re one of these riders who often find it hard to pay for your motorcycle accessories, help is now available at! in partnership with Affirm is now offering fixed payment financing with rates as low as 0 percent over a term of 12-months based on creditworthiness to get what they need for their motorcycles.  Not every customer qualifies for zero interest financing. This will largely depend on the amount of the purchase, the duration of the loan, and your credit standing at the time you request it.

From the best street motorcycle helmets to a fresh pair of tires, motorcycle parts, apparels or anything in between, the ability for customers to purchase what they  need today and make payments later means they don’t have to jeopardize their safety due to lack of funds. customers can select the Affirm payment option at checkout and quickly and easily receive real-time approval of their loan amount. The payment terms are clearly stated with no hidden fees or compounding interest.  The Affirm bills can be paid online, by bank transfer or debit card and sign up for auto-payment at  Affirm’s transparent financing provides riders with peace of mind.

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