YouTuber Alex Ketchum is a Social Media Star on the Rise

A content creator in today’s day and age needs many different skills in order to achieve viral status,  as well as the ability to create unique content. Canadian Youtuber Alex Ketchum has many different talents under his belt that he’s been using to rise up in the ranks of Internet stardom. He’s been making waves in the Youtube community, and he’s only just getting started.

As a Youtuber who’s just starting out, Alex Ketchum’s videos have already been featured on multiple global publications. LADbible featured Ketchum’s video titled, Staying At The Worst Reviewed Motel In My City, in which he visited and reviewed the decrepit Havanap Motel in Toronto. VT also featured one of Ketchum’s videos that was titled, Fixing My Wall With Ramen Noodles, in which he broke a hole in his wall and repaired it using ramen noodles and super glue. Alex Ketchum’s videos have also been featured by Zoomin Plus, Monstah, and a news show that features viral videos called Right This Minute. So far Alex Ketchum’s videos have had a reach of over 50 million viewers worldwide..

When asked what he believes is the key to success in the Youtube community, Alex Ketchum says that dedication comes first before anything else. “Being a content creator takes a lot of time and effort, so you have to be in it 100 percent, and always coming up with new ideas if you want to keep people engaged. You can be good-looking, funny, or talented, but if you’re not hardworking and dedicated to your craft, you’re not going to make it very far”, said the youtuber. Despite all of his recent successes, Ketchum feels that he’s only just scratched the surface. As of right now, he has multiple new videos in the works, and is as focused as ever on creating new and exciting content for his audience. You can also check out Alex Ketchum’s Instagram and Twitter for more updates and daily content.

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