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Syed Sameer Munna is the famous Indian nightlife photographer and entrepreneur.  This famous photographer From Hyderabad India is very popular in India and also across the world.  He has been taking many of the photos in the concerts and also so he has covered page 3, fashion,  and many similar things.

he is Goal to take the photographs As official photographers at the famous Music Festival named Tomorrowland. This festival will be the largest electronic Dance music festival.

He is started his journey in 2011 and devoted himself to learning about photography.  He has started the Photography page named Sameer Clicks on Instagram.  He has a team of different photographers who are similarly skillful but sameer is the best. He wants to take his team to another level.

By now he has covered many of them including dimitri vegas and like mike. He and his company has gained much of the popularity because they have covered many of the genres.  Today their company posts on Instagram the amazing nightlife pictures from India and other places.

Sensation, Sunburn Music Festival, Don’t let Daddy Know, Are some of the festivals which he and his team have covered but Sameer is the best in this regard.

Every Day His Team is increasing Their  skill level by learning more and more things artistic. The Artist  is promoting himself on Instagram daily and that is why he has the big following on social media and the popularity which is reaching the skies.

When you see Sameer then you will see that he is a very passionate person about photography and he wants to reach many of the goals which are not impossible.  He Still Feels very amateur in this field But He is already a well established Photography Team.  He is very popular on social media and his team is working very nicely but still, they want to Work very hard Archives the dreams Together As one

India is a big country with a big population and getting popular is very difficult . But his journey is very long and there are many hurdles in his life. There is creativity in the art he has created and he is saying that art is the best thing which humanity has created. It is the best thing the human have did and it is the best thing we should do as humans.

In 2011 he was only 17 years old but he had the passion in his life.  He had the goal in his mind.  Today Sameer clicks have gone very far from where it has started and that is the ultimate example that you can do whatever you want if you have the passion and the good intention.  He is covering the concerts &  Many events and now he wants to cover the Most popular festivals  and  in the world are. This company has got very much success in very few time and that can give you the idea of how much they have put the effort as the team.

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