Is Skateboarding Good Exercise? The Answer Might Surprise You!

Skateboarding is a great cardio workout. Ph.D. professor of exercise science Michele Olson at Huntingdon College compares the benefits of skateboarding to other activities like jumping rope and spinning since it starts from pacing to more explosive efforts.

Recent studies have found skateboarding to be extremely favorable for both mental and physical health. It helps you in coping with stress, burning calories, and enhancing your physique. Skateboarding increases the flexibility of your body and physical endurance by involving most of your muscles. However, different skateboards are used depending upon whether you are performing tricks or just cruising.

How is Skateboarding Good for You?

There are many benefits of skateboarding; here are just a few:

It Increases your Flexibility

Skateboarding can provide good exercise through increasing flexibility of your core body and legs. While skateboarding on the street or a ramp, the whole body has to stay limber to control the board. If a person is stressed or tense, then they will have difficulty in skating. It is handy to learn to relax and be flexible even in daily life.

A Complete Body Workout

A lot of people think that skateboarding only works on legs. But that is not true. For skateboarding, you have to have good coordination of your upper and lower body to maintain balance. Riding a skateboard involves excellent control of your entire body, which will significantly strengthen your abs and core muscles.

Enhances Physical Endurance 

Any activity is going to help improve your overall fitness, and skateboarding is no different. You might be surprised how much work it is trying to balance your body on the board while propelling yourself forward, especially as a beginner. Just try adding skateboarding to your activity list and see how quickly your endurance improves!

Provides a Chance to Learn Precision

Moving your body in precise ways helps a person in all phases of life. Skateboarding provides you with a chance to learn precision in a fun manner. Changing the position of your feet on a different part of the board, changing your timing, and altering your speed are all essential aspects of the sport.

Skateboarding is also great for kids, and we have reviewed the best skateboards for kids on our site; you are going to love the selections! At a younger age, the reflexes and muscles are very easy to develop. It is a healthy sport for your kid and helps them be fit mentally and physically.

Improves your Physique

If you look at pro skaters out there, they all have good-looking physiques with slim but muscular frames. It is because skateboarding requires quick, light movements, and enough strength for total body control. Incorporating skateboarding into your physical fitness regime will undoubtedly move you toward a similar physique.


Skateboarding is a must-try sport to improve your overall fitness; it is a complete package for your mind and body. It keeps you healthy and fit by providing you with a chance of burning calories while also having fun and learning a new skill. So if you were thinking about starting skateboarding, we would highly recommend it, and we whole-heartedly believe you will start seeing the benefits in no time!

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