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According to a study by WPForms, globally, there are around 24 million eCommerce sites. So, if you are looking to set your business on the online platform, you already know your competition. The only way to survive and thrive in such a scenario is to ensure that your site delivers a superior user experience and your company offers a quality service. While the latter depends on your specific business strategies, we can help you with the former through eCommerce website development.

Remember, a stunning website is integral to your business growth. Because only a robust and user-friendly site can help your audience to easily navigate your site, learn about your products, and securely make a purchase. So today, we will explore some pro hacks that will help you to develop a brilliant website. Stick to the end to learn all about it and start implementing soon.

  1. Pay Attention to the Mobile Traffic

A few years back, the tech gurus predicted that most of the eCommerce traffic will come from mobile devices than desktops. And that time has already arrived. Now, over 53% of global eCommerce web traffic comes from mobile devices (source: Statista).

So, your eCommerce website design has to be properly indexed and formatted to achieve a competitive edge in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Invest in a completely responsive and mobile-optimized site that can deliver visitors with the same experience, or may even better than what they would get on a desktop.

As a professional eCommerce web development company, we often deal with clients who want to revamp their existing sites. Some of the major mistakes we find there are as follow:

  • 4xx error codes that adversely impact a user’s ability to correctly access the site.
  • Empty title tags that prevent Google to identify and crawl the content correctly. This negatively affects SEO.
  • Slow web page loading speed that drives the leads to bounce.
  • Redirect loops that prevent the users from quickly reaching to the right destination. This irritates the leads and increases the bounce rate.

In this age of mobile-first indexing, you cannot afford to make such mistakes and expect to drive online sales. Here are a few tips from our tech experts:

  • Head into Google Search Console and check out the mobile issues
  • Take a look at the Mobile Usability and Coverage sections to find out any issue that you have to resolve.
  • Other than these, you should also keep an eye on the site’s speed and user interface, which are the two crucial mobile factors. Though Google mentions that site speed is not a ranking factor, it has a huge impact on user satisfaction – one of the primary concerns of Google. So, indirectly, this may have something to do with Google’s algorithm that strives to enhance user experience with regular updates.
  1. Use SERP Features

A SERP feature is a result on the Google search engine result page that is not a conventional organic result. Rich snippets, featured snippets, knowledge graph, and others are included in this category.

SERP features help to increase your brand authority, visibility, and in turn, sales. Here are some of the most common SERP features: reviews, site links, carousel, images, knowledge graph, video, application, people also ask, featured snippet, instant answer, and featured video.

As a leading eCommerce website design company in India, we recommend you to leverage these tools to appear in the search results and transfer value to your business.

  1. Consider Incorporating AMP to Enhance Loading Speed

An Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) is an open-source HTML framework. As the name suggests, AMP helps the web pages to load faster on mobile devices and thereby improves the overall user experience. Also, a faster loading time increases the likelihood of users staying on your site, engage with various elements, and possibly purchase.

As per a study by SEMRush, only 11% of websites implement AMP and the majority don’t. Since the overall implementation of AMP is quite poor, the eCommerce sites that adopt it have a higher potential to outrank their competitors through better mobile-traffic.

Check out the following strategies to implement AMP successfully:

  • Incorporate AMP on the most significant pages. For an eCommerce site, this can be the homepage and product pages.
  • Use the latest AMP features like the amp-video to provide mobile-friendly video content and the amp-carousel to highlight multiple products.
  • According to the professional eCommerce website design services provider, combining Progressive Web App (PWA) and AMP features can create wonder for both the users and search engines. While AMP will enhance speed and SERP features, PWA will ensure high user experience, engagement, and conversions.
  1. Visual Optimization to Entice Audience

A high-quality image is a crucial element in any eCommerce website. Without an eye-catchy picture, you cannot allure people to buy your products. Visuals also account for a rich source of traffic and revenue. A recent study reveals that image searches cover almost 22% of searches on web properties and this trend will only increase in the following years.

So, it’s essential to consider image optimization as a primary component for conversions. Check out the following pointers to successfully optimize your site images for an increased conversion rate:

  • Use JPEG image files since these have high quality but low file sizes.
  • Use multiple images per product from different angles to give a clear idea to the users. Make sure to optimize all the pictures.
  • Instead of a stock photo, use your own images to stand out in the SERPs.
  • Add product images to the structured data of the respective product pages with mark-ups to show such images in the SERPs.
  • Include image alt tags in every image so that the search engine can crawl it better and enhance your site’s rank.
  1. Arrange Both for Impulse Shopping and Planned Shopping

To maximize sales, you should optimize your site and the ad campaigns to appeal to the planned buyers and impulsive shoppers alike. An example will clarify the distinction between the duo.

People often buy household items, especially the expensive ones like washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner, etc., after detailed planning. They look for these in multiple e-stores, compare price and ratings, check out features, and read reviews before buying one. But when it comes to a book, an ear ring, or a tee-shirt, people buy mostly on impulse.

To target the former audience, you need to incorporate in-depth information of the products on your site along with their features, reviews, and ratings. The latter type of audience relies more on emotion than logic. Here you have to trigger their impulse. And this is a bit tricky.

But we are here to make things easier for you. We recommend you to engage experienced digital marketing services to grab the attention of such impulse buyers. Check out the following emotional triggers that can be used in the ads to grab eyeballs:

Free shipping, low price, special offer, high discount, new arrival, return within 3 days, and fast delivery.

You can always use variations of these emotional triggers. Let’s quickly mention a few strategies that effectively appeal to all customers:

  • Use triggers like “free shipping and/or a limited period offer” to create a sense of urgency among the potential buyers.
  • Create curiosity among the audience. If you are about to start Valentine’s day sale from 12th February, start advertising right from the first day of the month. This will encourage the leads to wait for your sale and buy in due time.

These are the tried and tested methods used by the professionals of any leading digital marketing agency India. Try these for better results.


We believe you have found our 5 pro hacks to increase online sales to be useful. Implement these soon and let us know their efficacies. For any more queries about eCommerce website design India, feel free to reach us.

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