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More seriously, the trailer of fifth episode of Pirates of the Caribbean is a real wonder: the atmosphere is delightfully dark; we see a pirate attack worthy of the name; and the music that accompanies everything is original and perfectly synchronized with each of the gestures, from the sound of irons to the steps of Salazar. More, the trailer has the good taste to be content to present the main issue, without saying too much either.

Dear readers, the first part is high-flying, as predicted by the trailer. But before continuing, let me ask you a question: do you remember the little post-generic scene at the end of “To the end of the world”. Anyway, it had remained unexploited, so far! I say no more so as not to spoiler, although I have already said too much. But what a pleasure to find Sparrow and his band of disbelievers. The whimsical captain even gratifies us with a flight of which he alone has the secret, except that it is not really he who leads the dance this time. It is also an opportunity to give free rein to special effects, each more confusing than the other.

A real feat when you know that reproducing ocean water and its waves is the most difficult challenge. From this point of view, it is never too much despite the important place given to visual effects. To be frank, “Salazar’s Revenge” is a riot of special effects. And when the definition of the image is impeccable then yes, it’s worth seeing in the cinema. Believe me, visual and acoustic show question, you will get your money’s worth. Ah yes: I forgot to specify that the soundtrack is simply huge! For details you can view pirates of the Caribbean in order.

Afterwards, it’s another pirate story, with its myths and legends, and the dose of fantasy that goes with it. It is rather well constructed, although we can deplore a few small ellipses which slightly chop up the story, which is ostensibly placed under the sign of humor. And it is on this characteristic that the escalation was made. And enough is enough.

The fifth episode feels a little warmed up with a new villain who wants to take revenge on Jack (again) and a fairly banal story of quest for a magic artifact. The new characters are tasteless and caricatured (the dialogues between Henry Turner and Carina Smyth) and do not compete with their elders, except for Salazar (Javier Bardem) who turns out to be a charismatic villain and with a particularly successful design, but still comes after the others (Barbossa, Davy Jones, Blackbeard).

The strong points of the film are in the visual (the opening scene of the sea in two is grandiose, all the more in IMAX) and the pleasure of finding the flagship characters of the saga (Jack, Barbossa, Gibbs, Will Turner). In the end, without being too many films, the fifth installment clearly testifies to the breathlessness of the adventures of the captain of the Black Pearl, a sixth episode would run the risk of indigestion in the face of the Disney machine which already operates at the limit of excess certain franchises.

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