What Are Your Sitcom Blind Spots?

I love sitcoms. Since I was a young child I’ve been watching them. Back then, I would watch Nick at Nite for hours on end, so I got to see a ton of classic sitcoms. I grew up on Bewitched, I Love Lucy, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and many more. I’ve seen Taxi, Rhoda, and F Troop. OK, that isn’t a classic sitcom, but I’ve seen it. On top of that, there were shows I watched when they aired back in the day. Shows like Seinfeld and Friends, of course, but also Murphy Brown, Empty Nest, Major Dad, and a bunch of random sitcoms. However, even I have my blind spots.

Some sitcoms weren’t ubiquitous in reruns back in the day, and the rerun is relegated to channels like MeTV now (which I do watch). There are shows that were successful, that ran for years and were nominated for Emmys, that I haven’t seen. I haven’t really had the chance. I want to share a few of my classic sitcom blind spots. Perhaps you have some of your own.

The only that has always fascinated me the most is Kate & Allie. Not only have I never seen an episode, I had never heard of it as a kid. It was never on TV. Not on Nick at Nite, not on TV Land, nowhere. Even now, I’ve never seen it on any show’s schedule. I have not seen a single second of Kate & Allie. However, it was quite successful in the ‘80s. The show starred Susan St. James and TV legend Jane Curtin as the titular women, who are divorced with kids and live together. It ran six seasons and made 122 episodes. The show got nominated for a bunch of Emmys, and Curtin won for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series twice. She won Emmys, but I have never seen this show. I know nothing about it. It’s the great sitcom mystery to me.

Reiser y Hunt reviven su éxito de los 90 “Mad About You”

There are some shows I have seen bits and pieces of in recent years. I caught like half an episode of Barney Miller. I’ve seen a minute here and there of WKRP in Cincinnati. I can’t claim to be completely out of the loop. That being said, I have not seen a second of a ‘90s classic, Mad About You. I was watching sitcoms when it was on, but it was only really what my parents watched. Apparently they didn’t like Mad About You. Is it any good? I have no idea! Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt are an impressive starring duo. It seems like I would enjoy it. Hunt won the same award as Curtin, but she did it four years in a row. And yet I haven’t seen a moment of her performance.

These are my classic sitcom blind spots. Perhaps in this time I can try and amend that. DVDs aren’t an essential so I don’t want to order them online right now, but I bet there’s some Mad About You or Kate & Allie out there I can find. Then, I can check off a couple more shows on my list.

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