Hi Biz, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

-Hey, I’ve been well. Self isolating and creating. Still looking for toilet paper in my spare time, but all is well. Enjoying the home life.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “The Faculty”?

-Yes, the Faculty is a song I did with J.Fields brother in arms. We both work with the youth in our communities and with our rap friends they know me as the Coach and him as the Teacher. So we came together with that persona in mind to create a semi-brag rap track. We are forever inspiring and are learning more about our craft. The quest for knowledge can’t continue without the basics.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

-Honestly, it was inspired by Hail Mary. Tupac’s first verse. That inspired the hook. When I had the lead hook vox. I just started chanting I teach em over and over just to create a vibe. When that was laid I called Fields up and he shot over and we recorded.

Any plans to release any sort of video for the single?

-Yes as soon as COVID-19 stops hating and releases us from captivity. But yes we have been thinking of alternate was to shoot the visuals for it. So stay tuned.

The singles comes off your new project ROTN – what’s the story behind the title?

-ROTN – Revenge of the Nerd. – Great movie. But this is not the focal point of the project. I was labeled nerd throughout school no matter how many different sports I played, my interests, made me a nerd. For me seeing that nerd culture (anime, video games, trading cards, etc) pop culture now – low key irks me and fueled a fire of vengeance, because the same people who ridiculed me now are like yo dude yea this is cool and we are accepted. Naw fam.

How was the recording and writing process?

-Yea simple recording process Fields got the call and he pulled up we recorded. My writing process for this one was wild because I wrote this on a sticky note. I could barely read it. So I had to freestyle parts of it.

Would you call this a departure from your previous musical work?

-This one, not really it’s not some of my more experimental work. I would say it was fun. I wasn’t angry when I wrote this one. So I guess, if I say it like that then maybe. I do try to stay away from really drum wild beats this one just spoke to me.

What role does Memphis play in your music?

-I mean Memphis is like arguably the birthplace for lo-fi, triplet flow, horrorcore, right? That influence is all over the world now, but I love the grunge of the music and “Yea I love my city” whenever something wild happens on social media. The grunge in the music and the nastiness of some of the older music influences how I approach subject matter. I used to tend to write down my emotions or thoughts sometimes I don’t put it on wax because “yo what if they don’t like this or that” Now i put everything to wax. It may not be out yet but it is recorded. So I suppose the I don’t Care attitude is latent in my music. I just want to create something awesome and go home and chill.

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

-Yea after the hook I just used life experiences to influence my lyrics. Coaching youth its some lessons and drills I used to train and I just correlated that to coaching my peers. I wanted this song to sound nasty and mean but feel like anyone to that listens to it feel like they are in our shoes talking to their peers. Like yea mane I am the HNIC

What else is happening next in Big BIZ Da MC’s world?

-I’m Just wrapping up the ROTN project, and just using this time to expand my brand. I want to get out there in people’s stereos and headphones.


RJ Frometa
Author: RJ Frometa

Head Honcho, Editor in Chief and writer here on VENTS. I don't like walking on the beach, but I love playing the guitar and geeking out about music. I am also a movie maniac and 6 hours sleeper.

About RJ Frometa

Head Honcho, Editor in Chief and writer here on VENTS. I don't like walking on the beach, but I love playing the guitar and geeking out about music. I am also a movie maniac and 6 hours sleeper.

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