Using CBD oil for dogs – How to administer the entire process?

Gone are the days when you had to be in two minds about using CBD oil! Today, people are planning to use the same for their pet dogs. Does that resonate with you? If yes, chances are you’ve already consulted your vet and purchased top-notch quality CBD oil. Now you’re stuck with the second part of the task i.e., how do you give it to your pet?

CBD oil is the easiest CBD product you can use to treat any ailment or to keep your pet calm. Today, you can select from the full spectrum CBD oil for dogs. If you want, you can put a drop beneath their tongue or add it to the food. Dog owners often don’t know how to go about it. If you find yourself here, don’t fret. The following ways can work for you:

  1. Put the CBD oil directly inside the mouth.

The CBD oil doses are usually based on the drops you use for the dog. The dog’s health condition and size determine the number of drops. And if your dog is comfortable to consume CBD oil this way, you don’t need to look further. You need to get a dropper, sterilize it, take the number of drops you need to and insert the dropper inside the dog’s mouth. It’s okay if you can get to the back of the dog’s mouth, as much as you can, but don’t choke them in the process. Once it gets done, give your dog its favorite treat as it will facilitate the swallowing process, which in turn will show the best results with time.

  1. Mix the CBD oil with a dog treat

If you are planning to use CBD oil in dog treats, make sure you choose the porous treats. Make sure you’ve applied the right amount of CBD oil on the treat and allow some time so that the treat soaks in the oil completely. This process is ideal if you have a small dog who needs a minimal dose of CBD oil. The process might get slightly messy for dogs who need a larger dose of CBD oil. In that case, you can add it in the treat and apply it directly as well.

  1. Add and blend the CBD oil with dog food

It is one of the best methods to make your dog consume any kind of CBD oil made for dogs. If you have wet food, the process works even better. First, start by using smaller doses for your dog by blending it with their food. After that, you can increase the dose if you deem fit and if there’s a need. Increase the dose gradually, as that will allow your dog to get used to the taste. After adding the CBD oil to the food, allow it to soak for a while, and then feed your dog.

These are three easy ways to use CBD oil for your dog! The other way most dog owners resort to is by mixing the oil with any tasty food that your dog loves to eat. There are times when dogs love to eat butter or peanut butter cookies and other similar edibles. Use the CBD oil with these edibles and feed your dog. Done correctly, you will always find your dog benefiting from the process.

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