Question Of The Week: Your Strange Movie And TV Ideas

Do you ever think of ideas for TV shows or movies? Even if you aren’t an aspiring creative, these sort of ideas probably pop in your head sometimes, right? Sometimes it is as simple as seeing an actor in a small role in a movie or TV show and thinking, “I’d watch a whole movie about that character.” Or maybe there is an actor you think would be great in a certain kind of movie they never get to make. On occasion, these ideas can strike with the oddest of prompting. That’s what the question of the week is. What idea for a movie or TV show though weird inspiration?

I have a couple of them. One comes from a commercial. Judy Greer and Jane Krakowski made at least one, and I think a couple, of orange juice ads together. I don’t remember the brand. My guess is Tropicana, but only because that is the only orange juice brand I know. Enjoy the free plug Tropicana, I guess? Anyway, I don’t really remember what they were selling, but that’s because I was too busy wishing for a sitcom where Greer and Krakowski star as sisters. They are both such funny actresses, but they are usually in supporting roles. A sitcom where they got to star together would be perfect. Plus, I think they could pass for sisters pretty easily.

Another time came when I was watching Chopped, which is something I find myself doing fairly often. I noticed that all four of the contestants looked like different actors. I don’t remember any of the actors any longer, unfortunately. I may have been distracted by the mystery baskets and, you know, watching the actual show. During the episode, though, I was imagining those actors all together in a heist film. Heist films are good for ensembles. I would have also accepted a movie about those four actors appearing on a cooking competition. Actually, that’d be a pretty fun idea for a movie. You’d have to do a fair amount of flashbacks maybe to get back story. Or maybe not. Maybe it’s all happening in the time of the episode taping.

How about you? We want to hear the ideas for movies or TV shows you’ve gotten from unexpected flashes of inspiration!

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