Question Of The Week: Walking Music

I’ve been doing a lot of walking recently. A lot of us are. I’ve been somebody who likes to take walks for a while, but I used to only ever see people walking their dogs or going for jogs. Now a bunch of other people are out there walking. Hey you get exercise, you get to enjoy the weather, and, if you’re me, you get to enjoy some podcasts or music. I like to throw on an album, or a playlist, and go for a walk. So, in this time of ours, my question for the week is this: What’s your favorite album to listen to while walking?

I have a few different playlists I like, including one I call “Christopher Walkin’.” I like music that is pretty and contemplative or music that is energetic and propulsive. Depends on what I’m in the mood for. If I want to listen to an album that is going to rev me up, then I like to go with IDLES’ Joy as an Act of Resistance. I don’t know if any album packs a one-two (three-four) punch like this one. “Colossus” builds slowly before taking off, which then jumps right into “Never Fight a Man with a Perm.” We go into “I’m Scum” and then the best song on the album “Danny Nedelko.” The rest of the album, admittedly, isn’t quite as good, but it’s still got the energy I’m looking for.

When I want to feeling like I’m walking through a movie or something, or I want some chill, relaxing night walk music, Waxahatchee is always a great choice. If I am choosing a specific album, and not just listening to my Waxahatchee playlist, then I go with Out in the Storm. It’s a little weird because it’s an album largely about a tumultuous relationship and breakup, but it’s also great and sounds beautiful.

That’s what I like to listen to on my walks, which have gotten more frequent. Well, when I’m not listening to podcasts. My walks have gotten awful long recently. Like, three hours long. So what is your go-to walking music?

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