Interview: Artist & Entrepreneur Neva Failin’

How are you? 

“I’m good just another day in the neighborhood for me. Of course glad to be here and honored to be featured on your platform.”

What is your occupation? 

“I’m an artist and entrepreneur. I own and operate an event platform in Atlanta called Spring Urban Fest. Our focus is community events hosted by celebrities and influencers. I also make ground breaking music and can’t wait for my fam to hear the latest and greatest of Neva Failin Cruz ALtitude.”

Who was one person that helped you get to where you are today? 

“I know you asked for one person but I’d like to reference two people. Started with my girlfriend Breana Monet, since the first day we met, she’s been there 100% to support all my goals and aspirations. No matter what the situation was she would just believe and support, we all need that system at some point in life to raise our game. I would say the next person is my business partner and best-friend Craig Davis also known as CEO Gamble of all social, he taught me the importance of hard work and determination with what he’s done through his entrepreneurial efforts up to this point.”

What is your next big move? 

“My next big move is to drop a platinum selling album and expand my event platform to the rest of the country. My goal has always been to spread my music and I’ve been blessed to be able to gain momentum in that process and give other artists a platform to do the same.”

How did you build your clients trust?

“I build my client trust by keeping all business deals transparent as possible. I think being trustworthy and honest in any field is hands down the most important aspect to gaining success and positive notoriety. My client love me and my organization because we have a great ability to execute and communicate all deals being made. I built trust in the fans of my music by being as raw as possible, sometime uncut but definitely giving them the real emotion they’ve come to expect from me.”

What separates you from you competitors?

“My attention to detail separates me from anyone looking to compete with me. I think the biggest difference from me and my “competitors” is that I don’t actually feel anyone as me being in direct completion with them. I think every brand contains an uniqueness about itself and that uniqueness gives you the ability to work along side anyone in your field. A collective will beat any individual effort 100% of the time.”

What is one milestone you’d like to hit before you retire? 

“A milestone I would love to attain before I retire is making sure my relatives and the people closest to me are financial stable for the rest of their lives. This is important to me because no one can obtain true success without a helping hand and some type of mentorship, we’ve all learned our game from someone, whether voluntary or involuntary.”

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