How to win a women’s heart?

Are you a guy who wants to win his woman’s heart and don’t know how to proceed? Are you one of those guys whose women get angry rather quickly? I mean, there must be a case where you might think that you mistakenly made a comment that offended them or you didn’t say the thing they wanted to listen. May I clarify that if someone said that men and women were different species, I wouldn’t be that far from the truth, because dealing with the same sex is so much easier than dealing with another.

You might want to think about how things first get started among a couple? Was that a fated encounter? Was it the kindness of one that made others believe that the other was very kind and caring and that they might not even mind spending their lives with him/her? But then things don’t go this way for long, do they! Things often start to downfall. There then start the fights that never end, some interpersonal issues that make you think that meeting the other one was the worst thing ever. But here, I want to mention that love is the most prevalent feeling in a person’s life. It makes you do something that might look a bit absurd from another person’s perspective.

I, Frauenheld would want to show you some steps that I think you should follow to win your women’s love and make her happy. ‘Respect’ should be the very basis of every relationship. Because if you don’t respect each other, there won’t be any feelings at all.

  • Show off how you are proud of her. Tell every relative, friend, and family about how much you adore her. She might blush at the moment, but she would remember it for a long time because this is a fact that every single lady wants to know that she is treasured, and she also wants others to know that.
  • Tell her that she is the most beautiful woman in this world, every single day. Don’t compliment her when she looks terrible though it might not leave a good impression.
  • Be sure to make surprises. Take her to a movie, a long drive, or even dinner. It is not very necessary to have her buy expensive stuff. Even the cheapest of the gift given with affection can do the trick for you.
  • Support her in every situation, be by her side. This step makes her feel treasured.
  • Help with her daily routines, do the chores with her. Even if you don’t help appreciate her for her hard work and the things she does for you. This shows your thoughtfulness and a great impression.
  • You might want to take upon my suggestion and cook for her sometimes. Even if your cooking is not that good, this will remind you how much of hard work it is to do daily cleaning and the chores. This makes you realize you love for, and you will put more affection in things you do for her.

Following these steps will win the heart of your bride, girlfriend. And remember! Be respectful of each other.

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