How to choose a perfume? Follow your natural smell

The only criterion to follow is your natural smell. It is instinctively to feel the fragrance that enhances our skin smell. Trivial? Now the scientific evidence arrives.

Have you always been convinced that the choice of the perfume depends on personal taste? You are wrong!

To disprove this widespread (and legitimate) belief are the researchers of Charles University in Prague, led by Jan Havlicek (perfume expert), according to whom it is a personal smell that guides us in choosing a fragrance rather than another.

Precisely because it is not a matter of olfactory taste, but of personal smell, buying a perfume for another person in a closed box proves to be a choice, which you can hardly ever guess.

For us, however, it is easy to centre the choice of the best perfume, which would enhance one’s smell. And this is not a popular belief, but it is a demonstration that finally gets scientific scrutiny.

The ‘nose’ Havlicek has told the Daily Mail that the guessed perfume, that is, the one that is good on our skin, does not mask its smell, but enhances it thanks to an alchemy of aromas that blends perfectly with the natural one. The statement does not come by chance, but subsequent studies conducted by scientists from the University of Prague.

The only valid criterion for choosing a perfume is, therefore, to follow your sense of smell and feel your ‘natural aroma’, rather than listening to the opinions of others.

The link between the sense of smell and the brain is nothing new. Aromatology already in the early 1980s had begun to study the effects of fragrances on the body, the responses of the body and mind to olfactory stimulations, both as regards hormonal variations and heart rate.

The brain can decode around 10,000 different smells. All these different smells reach the limbic system, the area of ​​the brain that, together with the hypothalamus regulates the emotional sphere. In this way, they act on the nervous system subliminally. Here is the scientific explanation according to which body odours are significant for communicating, especially on a sexual level.

It has been studied in experimental psychology tests that perfuming increases self-confidence and ease, especially towards the opposite sex. This is all the more true – despite what one would believe – for the male sex. Women – concludes the experiment by the British psychologist Craig Roberts – would be more accustomed to the use of perfumes for historical-cultural reasons.

Perfume as a weapon of seduction, therefore. But be careful not to overdo it: an excellent fragrance, if sprayed in excessive quantities, can even be unpleasant. But the habit of sprinkling with perfume ampoules remains. Why? If asked, Yehuda Shoenfeld, a doctor and specialist in the study of autoimmune diseases at the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv, who found that depressed women partially lose their sense of smell and this leads them to exceed with the spray of perfume.

But our question is: will all hyper-perfumed women, perfumed to the point of leaving the trail that can cause nausea, be all masked depressed people? If in doubt, it is better to follow the common sense ‘rules’ suggested by the experts.

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