Life is unpredictable and full of unexpected turns. While some turns and twists in life prove beneficial for an individual, some lead to drastic life changes. It is the life unpredictability that makes it beautiful and worth living. The fact is that life changes. Sometimes a change opens doors to unexpected opportunities while sometimes it deteriorates the quality of life. Regardless of what life brings to one’s doorstep, the key is to stay determined, patient, and hopeful.

Many people fail to accept change in life, and it can lower their self-esteem and even push them into depression or anxiety. However, the world is full of innumerable examples of people who were able to create a fortune for themselves from nothing. These people serve as the perfect inspiration for individuals struggling to keep up with the unexpected twists and turns in their lives.

Leighton Meester, known as Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl, was born in Texas prison. She is now worth an estimated $5 million. Celine Dion belonged to a low-income Canadian family and used to entertain at her parents’ piano bar. She is now at an estimated worth of $400 million. Jim Carrey, the person, known worldwide for his dynamic sense of humor, used to work janitor and a security guard. He spent much of his life in a van, but today he estimated to earn approximately $20 million per film. Many other celebrities embraced change in life with open hours and are now the most famous people in the world. A singer, songwriter, and a dancer from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Wendo Wendo Mbilizi, professionally known as Wendo Musaly, is another example. He worked his way from nothing. He is set to become a sensation in the music industry.

Fleeing the War at DRC and Landing to Refugee Camp in Tanzania

Mudibu Bisengeta and Mwasimuke Mulumba were living in South Kivu, DRC, with their daughter when they were blessed with a baby boy, Wendo, on November 21, 1996. The situation of their city was not ideal, and it was on the verge of destruction due to the outbreak of war. The couple decided it was better to abandon their hometown and flee the country for the sake of their children. In January 1997, when Wendo was just two months old, his family relocated to Tanzania. The state in Tanzania was stressful, and people were living in refugee camps. After spending some time in the camps, Wendo’s parents decided to head back to their hometown, but the state of war in DRC did not allow them to make a move. Due to this, Wendo spent his childhood in a refugee camp.

He was just a kid, and things were not really bad for the young Musaly. He made some friends at the camp and used to spend most of his time with them. At the age of 11, Wendo developed an interest in music, and he started a kids’ band. They used to play the piano, guitar, and drums. As time passed, his passion grew deeper. In the year 2016, Wendo and his family relocated to Vermont, United States. Even moving to a new country did not reduce his passion and dedication to music. Instead, the relocation to the United States marked the start of his music career.

Establishing a Reputation in the Music Industry

Relocation to the US triggered his passion, and he was now determined to establish himself as a top singer and songwriter in the country. after tirelessly working on improving his skills, he was able to release his first-ever collaboration single, “Pourquoi?!” in August 2018. The song featured Mr. Oli, and it served as a career booster. Soon after releasing his first song, he began working on other projects, and during this phase, he took up a stage name of Wendo Musaly. It was a milestone in his career and marked the start of his uphill journey towards success. He was now working on multiple music genres, including pop, R&B, hip-hop, rap, and afrobeat music genres.

The next song that he released was, “Give Me That Eh.” It featured Mr. Oli along with Q-Bo. Soon after this release, he began working on the third track. He released “Tú’úndané,” featuring Lumière. The three quick and consecutive releases helped him establish a strong reputation in the music industry. However, these were three collaborative projects. What really helped him glow were his singles that he released after a few months of his last collaborative song, and these included Kiboko WE and Je T’Aime. Wendo Musaly did not settle, and without resting, he began working on the release of his albums and Eps. His hard work led to the release of two music albums, and these were GooDLucK and Kiboko WE.

On January 30, 2020, his EP, “Tranquility 1,” was launched and it contained five tracks. The songs in the EP included; Pourquoi, Give Me That Eh, featuring Mr. Oli & Q-Boi, Tu’undane, featuring Lumiere Mbilizi, Kiboko WE, and, Je T’aime. Wendo Musaly is a true inspiration for the world. He fled war, lived in a refugee camp, and became a well-known singer and songwriter in the United States. He did not let his life get in the way of his dream and passion.

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