Boris Wolfman: Why do businesses need to focus on innovation?

Business innovators come up with new ideas, processes, and products as a solution to problems faced in everyday life. It is the innovation that drives them to success. If they don’t exploit new ideas or adapt, they cannot improve their techniques, products/ services. Their efficiency and profitability will also suffer. As an entrepreneur, you have to be conscious of this aspect. If you keep innovating with time, you can reap massive benefits. Here is a brief account of the advantages that you can expect to achieve through this approach.

Benefits of innovation for businesses by Boris Wolfman


In one of the surveys, about 66% of the participants said that innovation drives growth. It gives them the scalability and helps them hire more. Ultimately, more customers engage with them, and they get a larger market share. Therefore, whether you are a small or big company, you need innovation to grow. A small business can also achieve massive success by continuously innovating itself.


Every business belongs to a specific sector or industry; hence, it can never be alone in that sense. For instance, if you are a juice making company, you know there are hundreds of brands out there already. So, you have to prove you are different from them to draw others’ attention. It is possible to achieve with the help of innovation. If you are innovative in your methods and thinking, you can create a unique value proposition to get more customers. To be precise, you can make fresh juice without any preservatives with a longer shelf life. Its nutrients would stay intact until expiry.

Customer satisfaction

As experts like Boris Wolfman would put it, needs evolve with time. If today your product is most relevant for your customer’s needs, the next day, it may not be as useful for them as it used to be. It shows that you have to study your market and find out a solution before they say they need something different. You cannot meet demands if you don’t go on reinventing or innovating your product or service. You risk stagnancy and failure by not being ahead of the curve. Hence, it is necessary to work on your ideas to stay in power and the mind of your customers.


Companies that stay updated and show foresightedness get more attention from talented crops. If your company follows this path, you will not have to go out in search of people. They will emerge from time-to-time and want to join you to do something different and meaningful. So, if you go on innovating, you will end up establishing your company’s brand name and attract more resumes from around the world. When more people who also support innovation join you, the chances of success for your business also increase, putting you in a stronger position than your competitors that are not so agile in this matter.

Some companies stick with the status quo. They think it will work for them in the future also as it did in the past. But the fact is the status quo doesn’t last long. If you wish to grow, you need to improve your way of working in every aspect of your business. And it is the innovation that makes it possible.

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