Majed Veysel : The Best Qualities of an Architect

The best Qualities of an Architect

The architect’s mission is to draw, design and supervise the construction of a building, whatever its nature, whether it is a detached house or an important infrastructure in the public and private domain. Very versatile, he must therefore have many qualities and adequate skills in order to carry out his projects.

The personal qualities of an architect

Above all, the architect must have a real sense of creativity and must be an outstanding designer because his job requires him to know how to develop all the plans of a building to perfection. In addition to being creative, the architect, although autonomous, meets a large number of collaborators, interpersonal skills are therefore essential to work in harmony with the site teams.

Among the intrinsic qualities of the architect, he requires to have a real thoroughness in his work which also results in a rigor and a perfectionism. Indeed, he must be precise in his drawings and this, in the smallest details. He respects deadlines as much as possible and must be reactive to unforeseen events as well as last minute changes.

There are many architects available on the online market place. However, it is not an easy task to find one with all essential qualities. M Majed Veysel, ARCHITECT & DESIGNER possess the following skills and qualities which an architect must have:

Essential skills to master

The architect’s abilities are closely linked to his personal qualities. As he works in a team, he must be able to adapt to the collaborators who participate in each of his projects. Knowing how to listen is also an inevitable ability: listening to customer needs or the feedback from the site team. In order to best manage the progress of projects, the architect must develop great resistance to stress.

On the construction site and in the event of unforeseen events in particular, the architect is able to make decisions quickly just as it is essential to know how to take initiatives and be a force of proposals with customers and collaborators. And if making decisions necessarily has consequences, the architect is ready to assume his responsibilities. Note that civil liability runs for 10 years after the site.

The essential skills of an architect

These qualities and capacities are supplemented by skills acquired during studies and various professional experiences. Thus, being an excellent draftsman, the architect masters the plan design on paper but also on so-called CAD and CAD software (Computer Aided Drawing and Design). He must therefore have technical and creative skills. In addition, knowing the history of art allows him to reproduce certain motifs of a particular style.

These professional skills also concern the management of the budget allocated to the project which the architect must be able to respect and optimize. In addition to having a sense of teamwork, it is also necessary to have a good sense of negotiation. Finally, an architect cannot practice without having solid knowledge of the law and rules to be applied in town planning.

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