Reasons why your cats should have toys?

If you are a cat lover then you don’t probably have to go along asking everyone that you are, instead of how about buying them some toys and exhibiting your love and affection for them? Yes, you heard it right, your kitty friends do require their playtime to stay healthy and fit through and through. Cats are a lot different than dogs, they can’t get their playtime hours completed by you walking them down the block or engaging them in other strenuous activities which a dog would feel comfortable in. The play for cats is a little different and more sophisticated, as a matter of fact, most kittens love to play indoors instead of suffering through the pain of dazzling sun or rash winter of the outside.

They don’t have a kick for parks, recreational places, or the outside world at all, most cats want to stay alone and in that alone time focus on their game. The best exercises depicted as playtime for your cats can be as follows;

  • Scratching their nails on carpets, mats
  • Stretching the whole body against a marble floor or simply stretching their legs
  • Purring and licking their fur while rubbing it against a soft surface
  • Climbing high places and then resting on its floor
  • Playing catch and kick with a ball
  • Fond of soft apparels especially cotton and silk

Given all this hype you can order plenty of toys for your cat but not all of them might strike with their personality. The most common toys cats like to play with is what will get their stretching and scrapping exercises done right. For this matter, the common mat or carpet would suffice. However, if you don’t want your cat running around in the house and scratching through all of the important stuff such as drapes, table cloth, sofas, or other places such as your walls then it is suggested that you buy them a cat mat of their own. This way they can get habituated enough to lay off all of their stress and frustration on that particular toy mat while leaving other important things out of it.

Other than this exercise mat of yours, you can easily get them a comfortable sofa or a small kitten seat to sit in. Many cats love to simply sit around in such a comfy place other than having to fool around or going for a walk with you. Cats absolutely love to sit idle and purr along which is why getting them that beautifully soft spot would be in their best interest.

While you are ordering toys for your cat why not take a breath and start off with simple cat furniture that would serve multiple purposes through and through. Mau furniture has got all the splendid variety for your cats, these furniture trees come with various elements such as having ropes tightened around where these can scratch their tiny nails, play with the hanging and cluttering objects and then last but not least is the comfortable chair like structure over at the top where your cat can perfectly sit and hover around. So, what are you waiting for, order one for your cat today.

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