How to Gain Regularity While Playing Golf?

Often associated by neophytes with the ease of mini-golf, putting, the ultimate precision exercise, is the decisive moment in a game where everything can tip over, whatever the level of the golfer. All golfers say, it is on the greens that tournaments are won and the indexes evolve. Incredibly long driver shots won’t always wipe out a hesitant putt, quite the contrary. To lower your index, it is better to focus on the little game, especially putting.

Did you know? Too often left aside during golf training, putting counts for more than 40% of strokes played during a course. How about reducing this percentage?

Before we dive into technical advice and practical exercises, let’s start with a reminder of the basics of putting!

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The putting position is very different from other clubs, the latter requiring increased stability and precision.

– Feet shoulder width apart

– The ball should be lightly on the front foot

– The body weight slightly on the front

– Eyes above the ball (parallax principle)

You must feel your body anchored on the green, stability is the watchword of putting.


The pendulum is a regular gesture, without acceleration in the descent and at the time of impact. Your putter must gently cross the ball, without suffering the shock. The power of the putt will evolve according to the momentum given to the club during the pendulum, which will make you gain in regularity and allow better control of the trajectory of the ball.


When swinging, keep in mind that you must cross the ball, and therefore finish your gesture. Do not stop your club at the time of impact, for fear of the power given.


Important point that even experienced golfers forget over time, your head should not move at the time of impact. To do this, fix your eyes on the ball and let your gaze trail the location of the ball after impact. This will keep your shoulders in place and make your ball more likely to follow a straight curve in the desired direction. We are all curious about the fate of our putt, but resist this urge to follow your ball in the moment, if your putt is victorious, the simple sound of the ball in the hole will reward your unwavering will!


If the green is the best mowed and most maintained place of a course, it is rare that it is perfectly flat. To avoid the pitfalls, take the time to read the green and imagine the path your ball will take to reach the hole. For this, do not hesitate to kneel down and observe the reliefs from the previously marked location of your ball.

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