Why Do Many People Prefer Highly Potent CBD Oils?

Your CBD oil isn’t necessarily your neighbor’s CBD oil. People have lots of range when it comes to CBD potency. Nearly 14 percent of Americans currently use CBD products. Many of those people get the results they want using the most potent CBD oil available on the market. Here’s a look at some popular CBD products that come in high-concentration versions:

  • Tinctures
  • Gummies
  • Pens
  • Waxes

A tincture is almost always going to provide the easiest and most direct path to high concentration. However, you are still likely to find some potent options if you prefer a more tactile CBD experience. You may be curious about why some people prefer high concentration CBD oil over other options.

The big misconception is that a higher potency always means a higher dosage. The reality is that high concentration CBD oil can be taken in smaller doses to extend the life of a product. That means you can scale your doses to create the effects of a “weaker” product while saving money. Take a look at some things to consider when choosing the right strength of CBD oil for your needs.

What Does High Potency Mean?

The easiest way to determine the potency of a CBD product is to look at its CBD volume. CBD is typically measured in milligrams. Package size does not actually determine potency.

For instance, a 120-milliliterLazarus Naturals CBD tincture that contains 6,000 milligrams of CBD is far more potent than a 120-milliliter tincture that contains 3,000 milligrams of CBD.

Make sure you’re comparing CBD volume instead of product size when determining potency.

The Benefits of High Potency CBD Oil

The most obvious benefit of using high-potency oil is cost. A little goes a long way when a product is highly concentrated. Generally, the effects of a highly potent product will last much longer than the effects of a product with lower potency. It’s true that high-potency products are often more expensive. If we compare CBDistillery CBD oils with different strengths, the bottle with 5000 mg of CBD turns out to be with the highest price among the rest products of this brand.However, they tend to last much longer.

More Dramatic Results

A stronger CBD oil is going to create more noticeable, reliable results. First-time CBD users may not be as focused on potency as users who have played around with different dosages. However, someone who knows their “sweet spot” appreciates the reliable results of high potency CBD oil.

Extended Results

A higher CBD oil concentration can be extremely convenient for people seeking extended results. It’s not always possible to take CBD dosages throughout the day if you’re busy with work or other obligations. A higher potency often makes it possible to enjoy one extended dose instead of following up with maintenance doses. In addition, people who use CBD for relaxation may find that a higher potency allows them to fall into rest without the need to wake to “reload.”

Easy Consumption

A CBD product with high potency is often more palatable than a product that requires multiple dosages. In fact, getting the benefits of CBD oil is often as simple as placing one quick drop under the tongue for maximum bioavailability. It is also possible to place a drop from a tincture in a smoothie or yogurt.


Many people like to keep CBD with them as they travel around. This is where high potency becomes convenient. A tincture or gummy product with high CBD oil concentration allows you to carry around a smaller bottle or package.

Why a Higher Concentration Might Be Right for You

What most people find after sampling various CBD products is that potency really equals efficiency. A high concentration CBD oil simply provides more control over frequency and dosage than a product with a lower concentration. In addition, CBD users can simply reduce dosage to save money if they find that high potency CBD oil provides a little more per serving than they need. By contrast, a low-concentration product may require you to take multiple doses just to achieve the same results as a single dose of a more potent product.

The big takeaway is that you should always make sure you’re comparing apples to apples when looking at CBD products. The size of a tincture of CBD oil doesn’t determine potency. Only CBD content by volume is an accurate indicator of a product’s potency. The good news is that there are many quality products available at all potency levels that make it possible to see what you like!

Alex Malkin is CBD-enthusiast, researcher, and co-founder of CBD.market, a trading platform for CBD products and educating.

Alex is the author of the book “CBD: A Door to Better Health” and certified Nutrition and Wellness specialist.

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