Diet and exercise for healthy skin

Many people are still extremely unaware of this fact that healthy skin comes from a healthy body. Whatever you put in your body it ultimately gets absorbed in your body and then it directly affects your skin and its PH. In skincare, you need to use the best chemicals and best range such as the Aquaplus series, but along with it, there are other things as well.

If your blood has not got enough antioxidants what do you think your skin would do? All those creams and chemicals that you apply on your skin are simply supplements. They will not be as effective as your food and exercising routine would be.

In this article, we will discuss what could be done to achieve the best skin possible. Those who are reading this must be thinking that it will be a simple task, but only, in theory, it sounds very easy, when in practice it could be the most the difficult task of your life.

How does the skin get effected?

Imagine that your skin is like a transparent bottle if you would fill it with dirty water, then it would not look good, however, upon filling clear water the look would become acceptable.

Same goes for your skin, if you would eat healthy food enriched with vitamins and minerals then there will be a high chance of getting a glowing and healthy skin.

In your stomach these bigger molecules of fruits and vegetables would break down into smaller absorbable units. Thus, when your entire body will be in good condition then ultimately your skin would also grow healthier.

Remember, that your skin is the last organ that will reflect the effect of healthy eating. So, you need to be patient when on this route.

Foods for healthy skin

  1. Walnuts

You might have heard that our body needs fatty acids for various biochemical reaction, but there is a group of fatty acids that cannot be made in our bodies.

Walnuts are enriched with those fatty acids, according to research those fatty acids are essential for healthy and clear skin. However, eating a lot of almonds is not recommended as they are rich in omega-6 which can be harmful if consumed at a higher level.

The only essential omega-3 is important, that will not only affect the skin but also the body.

  1. Tomatoes

Vitamin C can reduce pigmentation and growth of fine lines as well, as it is a rich source of carotenoid. Tomatoes are the only edible source of vitamin C after oranges.

However, our body cannot directly absorb carotenoids, it needs fats for proper absorption. So, you may accompany your vitamin C rich diet such as tomatoes with olive oil or cheese as well.

  1. Dark chocolate

By dark chocolate, I mean dark chocolate only, many people do not like eating dark chocolate because of its taste, it is extremely bitter.

The cocoa in dark chocolate has numerous antioxidants, it will help in hydration, blood flow and removing wrinkles.

According to surveys upon regular use of dark chocolate, the skin would eventually become roe elastic.

  1. Green tea

If you are experiencing sunburns, then drinking green tea for almost three weeks will help a lot. green tea is rich in catechins, which helps in reducing inflammation thus preventing the growth of pimples and dark spots.

Exercises for healthy skin

  1. 30 mins walk

Your body needs a proper flow of blood for exact amount of sugar production, the fast we eat are bigger molecules without digestion our body will not get enough sugars.

  1. yoga

Your mind needs to be stress-free that is why Yoga is the only option, yoga will affect your sleep cycle and waking up in the morning will be the best option for healthy skin.

  1. face massage

Massaging regulates the blood flow in the lymphatic ducts that are often left untouched, massaging your face twice a day in the right directions will help you in getting a clear skin.

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