Tips to choose the best Moroccan Babouches

We use to visit many countries and bring their souvenirs and keep them safely at the best place of the house. No matter what size of the thing has, we used to keep it with full care as well. We use to bring different vase, decorative plates and traditional clothes from the countries and wear them.

When it comes to soft and comfortable footwear, Moroccan Babouches comes first because of the traditional design and popularity. It is made of leather that comes from cow, camel and goat skin. The leather needs to be soft enough to give the desired shape of the Moroccan Babouches. The amazing slipper is decorated with different types of hand-made embroidery and colors.

The process of the Babouches start with the collection of the leather skin, dry and dye the base color of the slipper and then send it to the babouche, the Babouches maker,  who later use this leather to manufacture the Moroccan Babouches.

Today, we are going to enlist some tips to choose the best Moroccan babouches, let’s get started with us.

Go the famous manufacturer:

Faz is one of the places in Morocco where you can find the best Babouches. Most of the local people recommend you that place but it’s quite expensive then the local places. But if you want to purchase the most amazing and best pair of Babouches then you must visit Faz. Moreover, there are many other vendors as well who are selling it so, try to buy from them and never forget to n

Select the right color:

You have to choose the right color that compliments your dress. The Moroccan babouche is an essential accessory for the Moroccan dress. The traditional dressing is incomplete without it so, if you want to get the experience of Moroccan traditional ware then you must buy it according to the dress color because there are varieties of color that you can choose according to your traditional outfit.

You must know your size:

Well, don’t forget to check the size before purchasing a pair of babouche. Many people made this mistake and buy the slipper with checking the size and when they ware it, they complain about the size. So, you don’t need to make such mistakes and the better option is to ask for the best sized Moroccan Babouches for you or any family member.

Comfortable or not:

The leather made Babouches is the first choice of the local people because of the fine quality leather a comfortable wearing. So, you must also check the quality of the slipper as well as the comfort of wearing the slipper.

Long story short, when you return to home, bring a pair of colorful embroider babouche with you. The exciting color and the expertise of man crafted make it more attractive, it’s also available online so if a person can’t go to the place, can get the chance to buy the pair of babouches from the online store.

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