How Do Nadula Human Hair Wigs Work?

When you are browsing through the online Nadula store for the human hair wigs, know the best ways to put them on. It will only increase your beauty whenever you are going out.

  1. Choose which kind of wig do you want

This choice matters on a lot of factors. 


  • According to the weather


If the weather is going to be too hot and humid, it is best that you only go for the short curly wigs, so that they don’t make you sweat anymore.

However, if the weather is bearable, definitely go for a wig that is actually long enough to make you feel more beautiful when you pose for the best pics with your friends and lovers.


  • According to the duration 


The best way to choose any of the Nadula wigs is to know beforehand how long you are going to fear the same accessory for. If it is going to be an hour or so, then an average curly wig can work for you.

However, if you are going out for an entire day or more, it’s best to choose human hair lace front wigs. They regularly come in different colors and styles. So, there is no worry about the choices you can get from Nadula. 

The attractive feature of these wigs is their durability. They are easily tied by hand to the lace base that covers the scalp. So, it remains over your head for the longest period possible like more than 6-12 hours, if you do not mess with it entirely.


  • According to the density 


If your current hair lacks in density or volume, then you can wear these special density wigs from Nadula. These wigs are purely made by hand, they are free from any bacteria, and with the lace cap, they can easily be worn over your original scalp.

Therefore, you can easily adjust the density curly wigs whenever you want to go out with your lovely friends. You do not even need a pin to tuck the whole bunch in one place. 

Moreover, there is no spot left empty in the middle because these wigs are stitched from one end to another. Therefore, if you are going through any case of alopecia, these wigs save you from the embarrassment of the same. 

  1. Know the exact size of the cap

Before carrying the wig over your head, you have to wear a cap as well. To measure the size of the cap, take a tape and measure the circumference, the length of your head from front to nape, the distance from one ear to another from the forehead, and then from the top head.

Then, you also need to measure the distance from one temple to another, and finally, the size of the nape of the neck. 

These six measurements are really important in deciding the best cab for your head before wearing the best lace wig you have chosen for yourself.

  1. Follow the easy step to wear the human lace wigs

You have to stretch the wig cap liner in your hand, and position it over your head, so it hides every original strand underneath it.

If it is not possible at once, then you need to stuff every strand of your original by pushing it inside, one-by-one, or all at once—whichever way is most comfortable at the moment.

Then, you put on the wig for the day amongst the best lace wigs you have already bought. It is that simple. You do not need to put on any extra pin over it. 

  1. Clean the wig regularly

Just like natural hair, these lace wigs are pretty easier to maintain and clean. So, firstly, you have to comb the wig, and then dip into the water with shampoo.

Then you can gently rinse the shampoo off by rubbing it off using the water. Afterward, if you would like, then you can apply conditioner and leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing it off too. 

Finally, you can put any of the human hair lace front wigs in the open air to dry after deep conditioning and shampooing. Then the same wig can be worn by you later on, whenever the occasion demands. 

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