Coinratecap unveils modern way of trading Bitcoin – Bitcoin Prediction

Bitcoin price prediction has been quite common among the traders. Whether you are investing or trading, you want to first predict what will be the price change of a particular cryptocurrency before investing. Will it be “Bullish” or “Bearish” within a stipulated time frame?

For this reason, Coinratecap –a top crypto price listing market capitalization unveils a new modern way of predicting price change of bitcoin and earn 50% income within few minutes.

Coinratecap list top 2500 cryptocurrency prices and coinmarket capitalization. It has been ranked as one of the top alternatives to coinmarketcap according to, Finder, Themerkle, Blockchainafrica, seerity and many more sites.

Over the years the number of people benefiting from bitcoin games and bitcoin price predictions trading keeps increasing geometrically, surprisingly only few crypto faithful’s partake in this benefit.

The facts remains that many crypto enthusiast are always looking for ways to increase the value of their bitcoin with less risk of losing all their money, this has led coinratecap to establish a new modern way of trading and increasing the value of your bitcoin – an easier, faster and risk free method of trading your coin called Bitcoin Predictions (Btc-predict), a bitcoin game for all.

BTC PREDICT was as a wealth creation avenue for crypto lovers to win big without stress on a user-friendly gaming site that is easy to play and win.

Crypto trading is an act of exchanging cryptocurrencies with another cryptocurrency. In trading you buy when price is low and sell at high price. The risk factor is so high that you can loose entire money if you don’t know how to study the crypto graph. As a result of this, coinratecap introduced BTC-predict.

Coinratecap just launched a new modern and faster way to trade and predict price change of bitcoin or Ethereum within 15seconds and earn 50% of your stake instantly.


In Btc-predict, user predicts price change (LOW or HIGH) by staking any amount within 15secs and win 50% of its stake as price changes.


1 User register and Login.

2 User Deposit any amount.

3 User selects PLAY NOW. (choose BITCOIN or ETHEREUM to predict.)

4 User choose time and amount to play.

User choose HIGH or LOW

  1. User makes 50% instantly if price moves HIGH or LOW.

To get started register here


Refer and earn 5% of every stake made by the user you referred.

For example, User1 registered through your referral link, deposit and stake $1 or $5 and keep staking continously, you will keep getting 5% of their stake continoulsy.

Same thing is applicable to all the people who registered through your referral link.

To get started register here

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