Top 8 Trending Sex Toys In India

While sex toys are finally being accepted by indians behind closed walls, some people are still struglling to know what adult toy they should go for. To help all you people we are publishing a list of 8 most trending sex toys in india, on the basis of sales and customer reviews.


The classic male masturbator that has been holding it’s place in list of top sex toys from a long time. Pink Lady appears link a fleshlight from the top with black plastic casing, making it almost impossible for anyone to mark it as a sex toy. Inside is the silicon made vaginal opening. The adult toy has been made using skin safe stretchable silicone which wraps just perfect around your penis. The whole product is around 10inch long, with a 9 inch long silicone sleeve in it. Pink Lady is best enjoyed with water based lubricant and some naughty imagination.


Everything that you need in a pocket size. Ever wondered what could replace a real vagina- this is the answer. Gracefully crafted with silicone, this masterpiece is the best resemblance of ass and vagina we have ever seen in sex toys. This 7 inch long 3D masturbator weighs around 650g which i believe are the perfect aspects for a masturbator to comfortably stroke while holding in hand. The whole masturbator is stretchable enough to endure any size of penis.


A perfect penis sleeve with tons of benefits. The Double Hole Penis Sleeve is made of silicon and has a skin brown color just like a real penis. It is 6.5 inch long but is stretchable to fit any size of men penis. It is designed with 2 holes, one for penis and another to wrap around the balls. The double hole technology makes sleeves comfortable and helps maintain high blood flow in penis for rock hard erection. Penis sleeves also control sensitivity so you can stay longer on bed. Like a cherry over the cake you get a 2 inch increase in size with solid silicon filling on top of the sleeve. I think this more then enough to justify why it is in top 8 sex toys.


Not sure if it is kinky or naughty but it is absolutely amazing. Vibrating panties have been a fantasy not just for girls but for boys as well. The idea of using vibrators in public fascinates both men and women. We all have imagined teasing our partners on a dinner table. If you are one of the above, Fox Vibrating Panty is going to make your dream come true. The vibrator has a 4 inch long dong that goes inside the vagina and the base that fits right on top of vagina. It is controlled with a wireless remote through which you can turn on/off the vibration or change the mode of vibration. So with or without a partner this is the perfect thing to get yourself wet.


The most ideal vibrator with ideal shape for best experience. It is around 20cm long which makes it easy to carry in any handbag. The vibrator is designed with a bent head to directly hit the g-spot. The 30 different vibration modes stimulate all 8000 nerves of vagina. There is an added clitoris stimulator on the top of vibrator with small spikes teasing the clitoris for extreme pleasure. 30 Speed G-Spot Vibrator is USB chargeable so you never have to worry about battery outrage and have unlimited fun. Embrace it with your partner or use it alone for self love.


Realistic Pink Head is a silicon made dildo resembling exact male penis structure. It is crafted with twisted heads and small nerves on it for a realistic feel. There is an added pair of silicon balls to add in its realistic characteristics. The dildo has a suction cup at bottom to use handsfree by sticking to any plain surface or floor. The Realistic Pink Head Dildo comes in 3 different sizes ranging from 7 to 9 inches, so you have the freedom to choose your compatible size. Added lube on the surface of dildo will make your experience even better.


The freedom to choose your shape is here in this dildo. Since all men have different shapes of penis and every woman has different preferences the Skin Color Realistic Flexible Dildo can be twisted into any possible shape and you can use it like you want to. So it is basically about designing your own dildo or experimenting a different shape everytime. The dildo is 7 inch long and has a pair of soft silicon balls. You can also use it handsfree by sticking the suction cup of dildo to any plain surface.


This dildo will make you ask yourself, do we even need men any more? The lovely foreskin dildo is made of  multilayered silicone which gives an all over foreskin to the dildo from top to bottom. Anyone will get excited just with a touch to The Lovely Foreskin Dildo. The brownish red color of dildo makes it look very realistic, with 7 inch of insertable size and 3 inch of diameter the dildo gets muscular.  For all the oral sex lovers, blow jobs to this bad boy is better then real.

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