Top 3 car racing games for PC

We bring you a list of the 17 best free driving, car and racing games for PC , with which we complete the cycle of free games for PC in which we have also brought you the best RPG and MMORPG , shooters and strategy games . Now the time has come for the games that lovers of steering and speed will enjoy.

From the beginning I want to warn you that in this list we have joined several sub-genres, so not all of them are going to be racing games (Driving blog) as they are, although they will always have in common that they are games in which you drive or do races. The idea behind this decision is to offer the greatest variety of different game types, and thus avoid it being a succession of almost clone games.

In this list you will find many free-to-play games, which will be the majority of them. It is one of the main ways to get money to develop them, to make them free and then put micro-payments to get advantages or more speed when it comes to unlocking things. But we also have some totally free open source games, which are complete and where there will be no payment option.

What are Car Games?

Car sets allow you to get behind the wheel and engine of your vehicle. Most are 3D, but there are also many 2D car games. In this type of games it is typical to participate in races against other players or against the computer, both on an asphalt track and on dirt roads.

We started with a car that is a mixture of genres that makes it difficult to catalog, but among these genres is arcade and driving, so despite not having cars we include it in the list. It is an arcade title in which you have to drive your flying vehicle and follow the path that is marked out for you through a gigantic city. The objective is to advance as much as you can, obtaining more points the longer you can endure.

The mechanics are simple. Through the endless path you will see the path with some markers that follow it. If you go exactly through the markers you get points, and if you get combos to get several at once there is more score. You will have to do everything while dodging buildings, because if you crash your game will be over.

This is the official game of the Brazilian Brands Cup, a free-to-play simulator that promises to offer you all the excitement of competition with car models from different manufacturers and some of its main tracks. The game has neither nor pay-to-win system.

The modeling of the circuits and the cars is very good, and the physics are very successful, although the graphics engine is already a bit old and that shows. Keep in mind that it is a simulation game, so it is best enjoyed with a steering wheel, and if you are someone who prefers more casual titles, it may be a bit complicated.

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