Ten tips for making your Instagram grow

Times have changed, years ago, before social media, people used to ask for phone number, business cards or email id to keep in touch but now a days, people ask each other’s insta handle instead.

Instagram rapidly grew into being an vital online social media tool for artists, influencers, travelers, bloggers, dog lovers, creators, and business owners – just to name a few.

Instagram has become such a staple among the youth too that if you aren’t on it then you are way behind. After your appearance, people judge you on the basis of your insta feed. Instagram is all about the aesthetics. The exquisite the feed the more famous your Instagram will be.

If you’re new to Instagram, follow these ten tips to make your account famous.

  1. Catchy username.

A good and catchy username is the first step to make a good Instagram account. Username and bio tells the visitor of your credibility and appeal.

  1. Select a niche.

Find an area you’re good at. For example, food blogging. Keep yourself engaged in your area of expertise and try to come up with good quality content.

  1. Take notice of your follower’s like and dislike.

The best way to grow as an Instagrammer is to know what your audience is inclined towards. What content get their most attention and to focus on that.

  1. Choose a color theme.

Color is important. Don’t turn your Instagram in a unicorn vomit. Choose one color palette and stick to it. Similarly, try to apply same type of filters. Don’t go light and dark simultaneously.

  1. Use appropriate and relevant hashtags.

Almost thirty hashtags can be used on one picture, and it is common knowledge that if a picture has more than eleven hashtags, then there would be high level of engagement on that post. But don’t go overboard.

  1. Grow your followers

Instagram is all about followers. The best way to grow your followers is stories and hashtags. Keep posting stories on Instagram to get noticed, give and receive shout outs to/from fellow insta-mates to gain following. Or you could also use websites like follovery to gain followers, likes and comments.

  1. Be active

Ever heard of the phrase, “if you snooze, you lose?” Similarly, if you don’t keep on posting, tagging and maintaining your account, then you will lose followers and all your previous hard work will go down the drain.

  1. Be consistent

Don’t be random, especially if you have a business account. Select a theme and stick to it. Be consistent and patient.

  1. Make friends.

Do networking, follow other’s Instagram account and engage on their posts. Socialize and help each other grow by tagging each other in your stories and posts.

  1. Take advantage of the grid

Remember, your grid should tell a story. Design your Instagram grid in such a way that it looks well put together. Every image should look related to the other. Splitting photos into tiles for Instagram can also make it really aesthetic.

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