Luxury Traveler’s Guide to London for Luggage Storage

Travelling gives you a chance to experience and enjoy a new place. London is one of the most popular cities that attract millions of tourists every year.

Along with the fun, adventure, and peace of mind, it comes with many responsibilities. One of the responsibilities is to take care of luggage which is nothing less than a pain in the ass. As a tourist, it can be a good idea to read a luggage storage guide for the city you are traveling to or in. 

Need for a luggage storage facility

There can be a situation in which either you arrive at your destination hours before the check-in time or you not able to get accommodation due to any reason. Or you had to check out from your hotel by midday but your flight isn’t until the evening leaving you with ample time to explore having the bags in a row. Also, there are places like museums that do not allow luggage or bags inside.

Many times, luggage can be left at the hotel before check-in or after check-out but sometimes either that option is not available or quite expensive. Traveling itself incur a good amount and spending more on luggage keeping will just add to the burden. On the other hand, wasting time at the airport or waiting for the check-in at the hotel is simply not a good idea. But carrying luggage while exploring the attraction of the city will spoil the fun. Choosing the services of a luggage storage company is a wise option at this point.

Although luggage seems to be a big responsibility as without it you cannot go anywhere. Therefore it requires a quick and safe luggage locker to store your bags.

The luggage storage London guide 2020 is one of the ideal platforms that help to choose the best, cheapest, and flexible on-demand luggage storage providers in London in 2020.

Points covered under must-read Luggage Storage London Guide 2020:

Luggage Hero

This London guide after considering all the pros and cons recommends Luggage Hero as one of the preferred luggage storage companies with more than 120+ locations in London. This makes it easy to find the location of almost all nearby hotspots. The flexible price options make it a better option as other companies charge hourly payments.

Compare the prices

The best luggage storage guide will have the prices of various luggage storage companies that you can compare and choose the best one that suits you. This London guide has all the latest prices of different luggage storage companies that make it practically easier to compare.

Travelling to explore the world can be fun if your luggage is safe. It’s the peace of mind that comes with safe storage.  In some travelling situations one can leave their luggage while they check in and out of the hotel. A plus for some hotels, however some hotels require one to pay extra for the luggage.  This becomes a burden drifting the fun away. If travelling in London no need to worry, there is different self storage in London offering luggage storage and safety. One pays reasonable amounts and enjoys their stay without the worry and burden of carrying the bags around.

2020 luggage storage London map   

The map in this London guide shows all the luggage storage stores in London. Therefore without wasting time searching here and there you can browse, explore, and chose that one place to store your luggage.

All major train stations and tubes are considered ideal places to store your luggage as they have lockers that let the travelers left their luggage and go explore the city. The connection to bigger train stations can take you to airports easily. This is because London has multiple railway terminals and underground lines having more than 200 underground stations out in the city.

Most popular luggage storage stations

  • Kings Cross
  • Euston station
  • Victoria station
  • Paddington station
  • Liverpool Street Station
  • St pancreas international
  • Waterloo station

Luggage storage around Airports

Out of the 6 airports, the Heathrow airports and Gatwick airport are the mains. All the airports are linked to London by buses, shuttles, or express trains making it easily accessible to cities. This allows travelers to enjoy a stress-free day as they can keep their luggage next to railway stations that commute passengers to the airports.

Storage around museums and other attractions

Always check the website of the museum you are going to visit as the most museum in London does not allow entry with luggage. The luggage storage guide has listed all the companies providing luggage storage near museums and attractions that are having no luggage policy. You can check the list here for more details.

Check the London storage scams 

Trust what you see. Always look out for the scams and check the online reviews at trusted services like Trustpilot, Yelp, Google, or Facebook.

To make things easier, faster, and to protect from any type of breach, this London guide has vetted the best luggage storage companies and categorized into each by:

  • Price (Per day or hour)
  • Travel-friendly terms (Cancellation fees etc.)
  • Reviews from third-party providers
  • Insurance or not? You won’t be covered, if worst happens.

The London guide has found the right-left luggage service for you making your preferred brand available at your next travel destination. The guide also shows which stores accept booking directly and not in advance. General and relevant knowledge are also mentioned. You can even contact them for any queries.

In short, if you are visiting London for the first time, going through this guide will prove to be quite beneficial to you as it has all the required details that you must know.

Although many other luggage storage companies are offering their service but going through a reliable guide will not only save you a big amount but will also keep your luggage safe.

The Luggage storage guide 2020 also shows the luggage storage companies offering their service in New York. You can click here to know more.

So when are you planning your next trip? Don’t forget to keep your luggage in safe hands. If you’re also planning to Cappadocia, make sure to read this guide before leaving:

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