How to convert text to mp3 free online?

Why we need to change text to speech?

Do you know the importance of using the text to speech software? It’s a very powerful and useful software when it comes to converting the text message into speech format. If you want to change text to speech using a manual process, then it will really be a tough and tedious task.

That’s why you should rely on software like FreeTTS that will help you perform text to mp3 free online. This tool will allow you to easily convert any text message to speech formats. The entire process requires no manual intervention.

It executes the entire task through an automated process and the code behind it runs the job so easily and hassle-freely. That’s why if you are looking forward to turning text messages into mp3 formats, then do not worry anymore! Please forget about all the manual hassles and make sure to use FreeTTS.

Now check below and you will reveal the brief overview of FreeTTS tool.

Overview for Free TTS

Free TTS is an online text to speech converter software. This software ensures the best and easiest way to convert all text formatted messages to mp3 or speech format. The most unique part of this tool is that — it works online. It requires no software or tool download.

You can easily use the tool simply by visiting the website link of Free TTS. The software is integrated with an advanced algorithm that ensures highly accurate and efficient mp3 transcription. It can be used to change text to speech with the form of natural voices. There are several benefits of using this Free TTS tool.

If you are eager to know more about these benefits, then quickly take a look at the below sections where you will reveal some of the most important and unique features of Free TTS.

Benefits of the Free TTS

There are several exciting benefits of using this Free TTS tool.

One of the most essential features of this software is that it supports highly accurate and flawless mp3 transcription. Oftentimes, it has been found that most of the text to mp3 free online converter tools available in the market are faulty. They mostly fail in delivering accurate results for text to speech changing or conversion processes.

However, Free TTS software is certainly an exception. Its core algorithm is very efficient and ensures highly accurate mp3 transcription from text messages.

Another important part of the software is that it allows text to speech change/conversion via natural voices. To be more precise, you will have multiple choice options for the natural voices to select from while processing the text to mp3 formats.

Other beneficial features include — 24×7 Technical Support facility is available. Even more, you can also use this particular tool without doing any software download and installation.

The tool is extremely easy to use. Even if you are using this software for the very first time, you will not encounter any issues or difficulties as such. It’s designed in such a way that it will allow the users to use the software seamlessly.

How to use this Free TTS?

If you want to use this Free TTS in order to convert text to mp3 free online, then you are recommended to check this section and reveal the steps to follow.

Please note the following steps to execute…

  1. i) Please visit the official website of Free TTS.
  2. ii) You will see a white-colored Large Box where you will simply copy & paste the text message which you need to convert. You may even type the message too instead of copying and pasting.

iii) Choose the Language and Voice Style. There are several types of voice options available.

  1. iv) Now, you must hit the Start button.

Next, Free TTS will execute the entire process and you will get the output speech generated for you in no time.

If you follow the above four steps correctly, then you will easily convert/change text to speech without a hassle.


When it comes to text to mp3 free online conversion, there are not much reliable software options available. Taking this into consideration, you are highly recommended to use a reliable and efficient tool e.g. Free TTS.

It will help you convert any types of text messages to mp3 formats without any error. Plus, there are various natural voice options available too. Use it today!

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