How this young entrepreneur made five figures by working from home

Name: Maunil Parikh

Age: 15

Country: India

This Covid-19 pandemic is driving the entire planet crazy, and many people are losing their jobs. As per the latest reports, over 26 million people lost their jobs in the USA due to this pandemic.

While everyone is under lockdown without any source of extra income, Maunil grabbed this opportunity of working from home and made over five figures by online business. Maunil Parikh is an internet marketing specialist. Presently, he pursues high school education, works part-time on his business, and mentors people as a hobby.

In tenth grade, he started his first graphics designing online jobs in which he used to make just 20-30 bucks for hours of work. He didn’t see any major growth and felt like it was a tiring job, which was eventually decreasing his productivity. Therefore, he decided to quit that job after working for one year. He always wanted to make money without any major efforts after a certain period and something that has unlimited growth opportunities. Therefore, he decided to go for a digital marketing business without any prior skills, and now, he successfully created a passive income business, which makes money even while he sleeps.

He earns money without creating any product; he promotes others’ products and takes more than 50% commission for each sale which is known as affiliate marketing. It’s a smart way of earning money as one can earn by working just 1-2 hours a day with the comfort of his/her bed. The platform he uses is Clickbank, the world’s largest affiliate network; Clickbank consists of a lot of digital products in different categories, and it provides up to 75% commission per sale.

It looks like an “easy to start business” model compared to others. However, earning passive income requires a proper strategy and some investment of time and money. Therefore, Maunil has taken an initiative to help people with the affiliate marketing business.

A while ago, he started this service, where he supports beginners to make money by providing them readymade resources, guidance, and strategies. You can also contact Maunil for any help as he usually remains active on Fiverr.

In 10 years, I will be … “Owner of a big multinational company. I want to have graduated from college. My future is still pretty open, and I’m not sure exactly what business model I’ll work on, but I do know that I want to use my marketing skills and technical skills to make a difference.”

The best advice I’ve ever received: “From my dad: Don’t be afraid to take a risk but make sure it’s a calculated risk”

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