Are sanitizers helpful?

Sanitizers are one of the most popular becoming products. We can guess it’s popularity from the fact that more and more shopping malls are keeping these in their toilets, every restaurant provides these as a necessity on their tables, a lot of moms have one in their bags to keep their children germs free and every clean freak keeps it in their pockets or containers so they can be safe from getting infected. This product can be found even in first aid kits to prevent the early stages of infection and prevent a wound from getting worse.

Why use Sanitizers?

Sanitizers contain alcohol, and it is the best useful material that is best at killing germs and is highly volatile (It evaporates at room temperature) and contains other ingredients like skincare and other moisturizers. And it has no significant effect on one’s skin after every usage. But the question is, do they provide that much of help one come to killing germs and no other limitations, does the New NB Naturally Bold USA has what it takes to ensure as many benefits as possible without getting too much into any other problems. Let us have a look at some of its limits and the advantages it has to provide.


  1. Firstly, you need to first thoroughly clean a wound before applying it on the surface so the affected area can be protected from infections. Because of the presence of alcohol as the main ingredient, it may cause itchy feeling in the wounded area or worse, it may affect that area. It does not remove dirt, soil, or blood from the skin, so it is always advised to first thoroughly wash it with water and then move towards further treatment.
  2. Not every company keeps the standards as we suggest looking for the active alcohol percentage in the bottle you buy. If the percentage is less than 60 – 90 percent, the sanitizer you purchased may not be that effective in killing germs.
  3. Sanitizers should not be used as a cleaning agent as they only kill germs and prevent infections, so they are not meant to be as a replacement for water.


  1. They are easy to use, they save most of your time, and because of its portability, you can carry it anywhere and everywhere with you and be carefree on catching any disease-causing germs.
  2. Due to COVID-19, we need to keep a close watch on how we get in contact with other people and so that we can prevent us from getting sick with this virus. Sanitizers are getting more and more publicly accepted as you can go outside, buy your necessities, and disinfect your hands on the spot.
  3. The use of these products has proved the fact that the families using these products have less chance of catching any forms of diseases and infections. They have shown fewer signs of stomach aches.
  4. If you buy a commercially prepared sanitizer, you are buying skincare products as they are experimenting with new ingredients and are preparing more user-friendly products that are less harmful and healthier.

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