The effect of having slideshows on a website

The 21st century is all about being on the internet whether you have an e-commerce site or a magazine site. You want traffic which means that you get more and more people to see your content. 

Things have gone far beyond giving people just information, they want the information but it should be understandable, simple, and visual so that they can understand. 

The same way blackboards have been replaced by projectors the content pages on the website have been evolved to slideshows with content. 

So if you are looking to build a website that would attract people the Google animation slides are pretty eye-catching. 

Here are ways on how slideshows affect websites 


  • High engagement 


The Internet is all about catching human’s goldfish attention span and then maintain it until you convey your message. Slides shows are a great way to showcase your content or product and you can make it even more interesting by adding animations. This will make your content something to look at and keep them engaged.  Also, try to have a variety of template designs because if they are all the same then it will get boring. You can get hi slides presentation templates free download; it will give you over 100 000+options choose from. 


  • A better way to display products 


People often leave a website without buying anything because they are unable to find things they want in the content clutter on the website. Having slideshows on your website means that the customer can swiftly browse through your list of products and find their desired product. Reading and scrolling through heaps of content on the website can be irritating and frustrating. 


  • Precise analytics 


Having slideshow means that you can get user data easily from every page on your website. You can compare which page and which product the users were most interested in. 

However, the accuracy can be slightly off the mark as each customer is different. You can do a test by sending some users to check if the data you are getting is accurate.


  • Easy to interpret 


Densely written content is not everyone’s cup of tea and where the internet is concerned the majority doesn’t like it. Hence pointers and images with the information not only make it readable but enable the reader to go through it till the end.  Also with labels on each slide indicating what they care about will enable the user to glide through the content. 


  • You can optimize your content 


With slideshows, if you use the right strategy of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you can optimize your content easily. Also with people staying on your website Google is bound to give you the nod of being authentic. 

It can be a very useful tool if you use it correctly on your website it can be beneficial. It is a great tool for business and entertainment websites. The pictures of a slideshow on a website bring the site to life and the users feel entertained. 

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