Sterling Silver Rings Fact Sheet

Starting from extravagantly big gemstone rings and ending up at simple, classic yet graceful wedding ring bands sterling silver rings are have no match in the jewelry. These silver rings go with everything and make it look amazing instantly. Everyone who carries these stylish sterling silver rings have witnesses the beauty of metal. Sterling silver is a shiny, durable and soft enough to be mold and engraved in different designs. Sterling silver jewelry is equally liked among all the men and women. It is considered one of the best metals for jewelry making. Sterling silver rings and wedding bands look simple and stylish at the same time, and these sterling silver rings are available in many different varieties. We have brought here brief information of sterling silver ring. If you have been looking for a jewelry metal review, then you are the right spot. Without any further ado, go and have a look!


92.5 percent pure silver and 7.5 percent metal alloy mixes together to form a sterling silver. Copper is also a favorite metal alloy for sterling silver jewelry, but other metals are used very often. Sterling silver rings can be plated with pure silver but we can’t do so. This is because, pure silver is too soft to decorate large jewelry pieces.


When it comes to the features of sterling silver, we can’t put all the features here in a limited space. Sterling silver has no match in the strength and beauty. Sterling silver gives you a lifetime of durability and this is the most significant feature of sterling silver jewelry. Anyone can easily use sterling silver to make wedding rings, casual everyday jewelry and engagement rings. Before buying a sterling silver ring make sure that you are buying a genuine piece. A genuine sterling ring is usually engraved with a proof of being genuine. Sometimes it may be the number “925” to specify that the metal is genuine sterling silver.


Sterling silver rings and jewelry are finished with some other metal alloys to make them look attractive to eye. Sometimes it is polishes or coated to enhance the beauty of jewelry piece. This coating or polish is usually of rhodium. Rhodium metal is used because it makes the sterling silver ring tarnish-resistant. Rhodium is basically a member of platinum family and that’s why it gives the rings a high—gloss finish with look amazing.


If you buy a sterling silver ring for as your wedding band or engagement ring, you would have to take care of it to make it last for a longer. Caring a sterling silver is not a very big deal. You can keep your ring in a cloth pouch or in an individual portion in your jewelry box. The compounds you should save your rings from are Bleach, ammonia and chlorine. These can be a threat to the finish and texture of sterling silver ring. So try to keep your rings away from them so that you can enjoy wearing a fabulous piece of jewelry for a long while.

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