What are the latest trends in Bollywood?

Bollywood trends are not only about hairstyles and fashion. For a medium that reflects and captures the voice of the nation, Bollywood is the prime source. Most of the people love to know about the activities of their favorite icons. Yes, these celebrities are the center of all eyes and concentrations. People like to get information about them.

Bollywood is the world of fame and glamour. It is the largest production center of films. These films are always admired due to the standard and glamour. This industry is well expanded and organized. Indian movies are famous for breaking the records of each other in the world. These are full of talented people and versatility. These movies are famous for doing tremendous business and getting famous all over the world. The fans of Indian movies are found all over the world. Some of the modern trends of Bollywood are given below.

  1. COVID 19 effects

These days, due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the industry is closed, and there is no activity on sets and studios. This is the reason; all the celebrities and others are at home. These icons make their videos while sitting at home. This is the age of social media, and people want to know Bollywood news. So, these actors, directors, and other famous personalities make their videos and post on social networks.

  1. Making heavy budget Films

It is a very common trend of the Bollywood that the majority of the directors and producers prefer making heavy budget films. They use to release these films world-wide. Their films opened in several universal markets amid their opening weekend these films complete the business of millions setting high-raking at the overall film industry behind The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and Gone with the Bullets. In the world, the films have an opening weekend record with millions.

  1. Gender Sensitivity

There are several films that are produced on women’s issues. These women-centric films have attained the attention of the world. Now, the industry is going to take women to lead gradually. The majority of people like to watch these movies, and these are admired by the people across the globe. And by each passing movie production we are seeing a woman more on stage compared to their male counterparts even though they have to play a major role.

  1. Romance in relationship

Romance and love stories are the most favorite topics in Bollywood. This is the reason it comes into the front by changing the shape. Now, they start showing romance in their relationships. This is getting very common in each of the Bollywood films. The topic where boy meets girl but the third part factors keep troubling them, their struggle that emphasizes super drama with their super solution towards their happy lives

  1. Romantic songs

Yes, this is the thing that is far from the facts, but each of the Bollywood movies contains songs with hi-fi music and romantic lyrics. No film is complete without songs. These songs are the guarantee of the success of the film. This is the reason; all filmmakers spend a handsome amount and time on the music-making. They release music before releasing the film to introduce the movies. It is an amazing thing and tends here, no doubt.

  1. Slice of Life

Now there is a sudden increase in life-based movies in Bollywood. Instead of creating all fiction movies, more and more story writers are drawn towards writing a story inspired by someone else’s real life. They are focusing more towards common issues and the life styles of major personalities. Following these examples, we have movies like ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’, ‘MS Dhoni: The untold story’, ‘Kesari’, ‘Padman’ and many more

  1. Bringing New Talent

Now a day, these Bollywood movie producers are breaking this ‘Only a Super Star Hits Blockbuster’ trend and they are giving new actors and actresses a chance to be a part of action and we have some outstanding examples of Tiger Shroff, Yami Gautam, Sidharth Malhotra and this list does not end here. This gives a new start to ‘Going beyond Super Stars’ era. Following these paradox, we are witnessing new generation on our screens, and they are proving by their acts that no only you need experience to be the ones that stand on top but also heart that takes initiative whenever it finds a new space in market, targets that spot and stick to it until the very end.

  1. Defending their Culture

This is not a new trend we see producers following these days. In-fact every movie they produce has this taste to it. From the values they follow in their personal lives or the morals they hold in their public meetings, everything is covered with its every tiniest detail.

  1. Dressing trends

Instead of wearing designer clothing or highly fashionable dresses in their shoots, there is a great increase in using plain Sarees or moving out of the box to create new fashion sense. In some movies we may see our beloved actress wearing something ruffled or we may have look of modernization implemented in this industry, with a little bit of it tinged with their own personality appeals.

  1. A Focus on their Issues

Recently more and more movies are being released that focus on the daily life issues of women in India. They show a determined young girl trying her hardest to peruse her goals and the troubles she meets on the path. And how ultimately she makes it to the place where can stand shoulder to shoulder with men and have a say for her rights. Not only these, there are also some stories focusing on the poor man who only gets by living hand to mouth and those hidden atrocities of the society that are not screened or even talked about in front of other, those untold stories that never see the light of a day and are nipped right before someone else finds about them.

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