Things you should know before you go on a Road trip to Miami

Road trips are a great way to make memories with family or friends. The drive may be long but that is the beauty of a road trip. 

Miami seems to be a popular choice among teenagers because they prefer the beaches and the party life the city has to offer. 

But before you pack your bags and head on the journey to make memories that will last you a lifetime. 

Here are a few things you should know beforehand 


  • Miami drivers are reckless 


When you enter the state of Florida you have to be very cautious on the road. The highways are long and empty hence people tend to drive fast and making it difficult for them to stop in time when a car comes ahead. Also, there are rubbles on the road that cause accidents. Similarly, Miami drivers are rash, hence you should get insurance before you head off because Florida has a no-fault policy and if you don’t know much about it you can contact a Miami car accident lawyer if you get in a car crash. They will offer you free advice and help you get the compensation you deserve. 


  • The beach etiquette 


Everyone goes to Miami for the beaches already. However, certain rules have to be followed on those beaches. You cannot strip just anywhere on the beach there are spots designated for people who like to be nude. If you want to sunbath go to an empty space rather than taking a place to another person who is sunbathing, trust me there is enough space for everyone on the beach. If you are planning to drink then drop that plan now- it is illegal to drink in public spaces in Miami (the beach is one of them). Lastly, don’t litter the common people won’t take it lightly. 


  • A different greeting style 


Living in America you might be used to greeting strangers or acquaintances with a handshake and friends with a hug. However, in Miami may it be a friend or stranger people are greeted with a kiss on the cheek and sometimes two. Now boys, don’t go greeting every beautiful girl out there – wink. 


  • Nighttime – means getting on a dress


You may be comfortable in your trainers, jeans, and a shirt but if you want to get entry into a pub or bar in Miami that needs to change. So get that sexy red dress on with glittery eyes and high heels and you will be welcomed in like a very important guest (VIP). 


  • Miami- city of lights 


Miamians are late for everything, they play volleyball until sunset. After that, they have dinner at 9 pm (that is also considered early) and then finally the partying starts after midnights and often ends at sunrise. If you go early then you might have to wait outside because the club doesn’t even open up before that time. 


  • Ocean drive is overpriced 


People will suggest you at least eat at ocean drive once but the truth is that everything there is overpriced and not worth the money you spend. You can go visit there get the Hollywood feels. But if you want good cultural and tasty Miami food then you can head to Downtown. You can say thank you later on. 

A Road trip with your buddies before you head to different colleges is an adventure you shouldn’t miss out on. If you live up north or in the busy urban cities then you will enjoy the peace and beaches Miami has to offer you. 

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