Lottery: History Behind

Though you might think that lottery in a modern invention, the earliest known mentions of these games come from as far as the 2nd century BC, which is just crazy. Ancient Chinese and Romans would buy the tickets or just draw the lots to win prizes that would include money and valuable items. Nowadays, lotteries remain the same thing in their nature, and it makes the history of this kind of entertainment even more exciting.

The Roots of Modern Lotteries

Although it is not entirely clear, the very first records of something resembling a modern game of numbers come from 2nd century BC China where people would draw lots, and the winner would receive some valuable possessions. In times of the Roman Empire, wealthy citizens would also play with lots during their lavish parties: they would buy tickets, and they would pull the lots. These games were always a win-win for everyone because these people were wealthy, and the gifts they received were worth all the money they’d spend. Since that time, we can see records of number play taking place in different cultures during various periods of time.

European & Early American Lotteries

The earliest records of games of numbers in Europe come from the 15th century Belgium and the Netherlands, where people would collect money for solving certain urgent socio-economical issues by raising funds. The word lottery comes from the Dutch word “lot” which means “fate”. This form of fundraising has become popular around Europe and colonies and eventually found its way into the US. There, it would often become a tool for fundraising in times of war. Almost every war the US has ever been involved in has been accompanied by huge lotteries. Right now, Powerball and Mega Millions have record-breaking jackpots of $1.5 billion.

First Online Lotteries

Since the Internet has become available to common users, different types of online entertainment like online £3 minimum deposit casino and games of numbers followed. In most cases, these were illegal gambling websites, so they were not so popular among mainstream users. After a while, the first legal online games emerged in states like Ohio. Nowadays, most countries that have government-backed number games also have legal online versions of the same lotteries so that everyone can join in. Of course, it is always essential to only play legal and official lotteries and buy tickets from licensed distributors.

Are Lotteries Popular Nowadays?

Yes, they remain extremely popular even though they have been around for thousands of years now. The main advantage of games of numbers is that they are the most open and the most honest type of gambling – you buy a ticket, you get certain numbers to choose from, you make your call, and you wait. If you’ve made the right choice – you win. That is a simple, open, and straightforward gambling, which is why so many people would buy lotteries every once in a while, and sometimes they would win these unbelievable jackpots.

Probability of Winning

It depends on a type of game of numbers, but the chance of pulling out the biggest jackpot in ridiculously low. That is true, the chance of winning the big prize is very low, but people still manage to pull out the lucky numbers and win somehow. In the classic 6-out of-49 lotto, the probability of a big win is as follows:

Number of Balls Probability Rate
61 in 13,983,816
51 in 1,906,884
41 in 211,876
31 in 18,424
21 in 1,176
11 in 49
01 in 2.3

As you see, the chances are just ridiculous, and yet people keep on winning these crazy amounts of money.


To wrap it all up, lotteries give you the chance to win huge amounts of money without any effort and almost no financial expenses. The tickets are usually cheap, so you can buy a couple of those easily. The truth is that most people never win, but it is also true that there are lucky few who pull out millions of bucks and become crazy rich just by guessing the right numbers. This is exactly why people keep playing these games and trying to pick the right numbers and online casino instant bank transfer.

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