11 Terrifying Celebrity Car Crashes

Did you know there are 6 million car accidents in the U.S. every year? That’s a scary fact!

With so many crashes and collisions, it’s only a matter of time before a celebrity gets caught up in a road-related mishap. After all, they are human just like the rest of us!

From crashing at 463km/h to blaming it on their friend, celebs have done it all when it comes to car accidents. Some of them managed to get out unharmed, whilst others haven’t been so lucky.

Check out the most infamous celebrity car crashes—and learn from what you read!

  1. Joseph Johnson and Missy Elliot

When it comes to a celebrity car accident that definitely wasn’t their fault, Missy Elliot’s Lamborghini Diablo is the first to spring to mind.

At the time, the $300,000 car was being moved from California to Virginia—where Missy Elliot had a beach-front house. It was on the final leg of the journey and being stored in a secure building in Richmond, Virginia.

This is when Joseph Johnson—an employee of the company moving the Diablo—decided to take the car for a spin. A few miles out of the building he lost control and the car spun out. He crashed and completely totaled the car—a car worth more than some houses!

Johnson was then sentenced to jail and ordered to pay $170,000 for the car damages and $1,975 for curb-side damages. The moral of the story? Never take a $300,000 car for a spin.

  1. Richard Hammond 

Richard Hammond, an ex-presenter of car show Top Gear, is used to driving supercars at incredible speeds. From racing across foreign deserts to trying to beat planes, the teams are known for taking driving to the extreme.

But in 2006, that all caught up with Hammond. He was involved in a near-fatal car crash. Whilst driving at 463km/hr in a jet-powered Vampire dragster, the tire on the car failed. That’s definitely not what you want at those kinds of speeds.

The car rolled over a few times before stopping, and Hammond was in a serious condition, almost losing his life. He suffered a brain injury and his colleagues thought he would be dead, but somehow he made an incredible recovery.

From now on Hammond should definitely have a best personal injury lawyer by his side—at all times!

  1. Princess Diana

The death of Princess Diana shocked the world in 1997. The car crash killed both her and her driver, Henri Paul, making headlines across the globe.

The crash took place in Paris, France. Whilst speeding away from paparazzi, Paul lost control of the car at the entrance of the Pont de l’Alma tunnel. The car collided with a pillar at 105 km/h, killing them both.

The funeral of Princess Diana was watched by a whopping 2.5 billion people.

  1. Christiano Ronaldo

A man who needs no introduction, Ronaldo crashed his Ferrari sports car in 2009. Luckily, the top footballer was unharmed, but the car definitely wasn’t!

Ronaldo was on the way to training at the time. He crashed in a tunnel near Manchester Airport, completely wrecking the car. But, despite the crash, he still turned up to training. Now that’s dedication!

  1. Paul Walker

A celebrity car accident that everybody knows is that of Paul Walker. The Fast and Furious star tragically lost his life alongside his friend, Roger Rodas, in 2014.

Walker was driving his Porsche at 100mph when he lost control. The car spun out and struck a tree and a lampost, almost splitting completely in half. No drugs or alcohol were used, the accident was simply a case of going too fast.

He was on his way back from a charity event at the time of his death, making it all the more tragic.

  1. George Lucas

As celebrity car accidents go, this one has a pretty positive outcome!

When George Lucas was just a teen, he was obsessed with cars. They were his one and only passion. But in 1962, he was involved in a near-fatal crash when a car plowed into his own, leaving him unconscious, turning blue, and vomiting blood.

Luckily, Lucas made a full recovery in hospital—but cars and racing were now out of the question! Instead, he turned his attention to film school, and we all know what came after that.

Without this celebrity car crash, we wouldn’t have the likes of Star Wars and Indiana Jones today.

  1. James Dean

In 1955, the world lost rising star James Dean in a fatal celebrity car accident. At only 24 years old, this was a tragic story that rocked not only Hollywood but the world.

He’d been driving his $7,000 Porsche Spyder to a race when a university student, 23-year-old Donald Turnupseed, crashed into him. The Porsche did 2 or 3 cartwheels, smashing into the ground each time, before coming to a stop.

Dean was reported to have a weak pulse after the crash but died quickly after. His passenger and the other driver both lived.

  1. Petter Northug

When it comes to celebrity accidents, Petter Northug might not be the most famous on our list, but his story is certainly memorable! He was a Norwegian Olympic skier and won four Olympic golds in his career.

But he made headlines with his celebrity crash, which he fled the scene of and blamed on his friend. It turns out that Northug was drunk at the time, driving his car illegally and totaling it after he crashed into a guard rail at a roundabout. Did we also mention he was speeding?

After the accident, Northug said the passenger was driving to try and save his career. The lie was later found out and Northug was brought to justice. That’s what you get for trying to frame your friend!

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